World Of Warcraft Enhancement Shaman Guide to Ulduar

World Of Warcraft Enhancement Shaman Guide to Ulduar
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Instance Requirement for the Enhancement Shaman

If you are looking for hot 25 man action in ulduar then you are expected to have full tier 7 or equivalent. Even your weapons must be in top shape. Walking in there with the Pride and Greed main hand and off-hand weapons will simple will not cut it. This is because your DPS must at least be at 3.5k to be effective. In fact, every dps who enters the zone must have at least 3.5k if the group wants to be killing any bosses. In order for an Enhancement Shaman to even get close to those numbers, they first have to be spell hit capped at at least 14% (other 3% is covered by raid buffs).

Consumables that every Enhancement Shaman should have for Ulduar are Mega Mammoth Meals or Fish Feasts and Flasks of Endless Rage. Of course, when it comes to food, you must also take necessity over what you want. If you are under hit or expertise cap, bring food for that instead.

Ignis The Furnace Master

ignis the furnace master

Flame Leviathan is not included in this guide simple because you do not use anything from your class for the encounter, so instead we move right on to Ignis.

First and foremost, Ignis is Immune to fire damage. That means that the traditional WF/FT weapon imbues will be ineffective. Instead you will want to use a Windfury/Frostbrand weapon imbues This insures that none of your dps is wasted.

Totems that should be used are Windfury (unless a DK can provide Icy talons), Strength of the Earth, Flametongue and Healing Stream. Magma and Searing Totem will not do any damage so don’t waste your mana casting it. You can use Mana totem instead if a paladin isn’t supplying Blessing Of Wisdom.

For the most part, your job is extremely simply. Wait until your tank has enough threat on Ignis and then start opening up doing your normal rotation. There are two abilities that must be watched out for, Flame Jets and Slag Pot. Flame Jets will interrupt casting for 8 seconds and do damage, even though most of the shamans spells are instant cast its still very important to not cast during that time anyways. Also, when Ignis throws someone in the Slag Pot, be prepared to help heal them with Lesser Healing Wave. And finally, stay away for Brittle Constructs as if they explode near you, you will most likely die. Save bloodlust until Ignis is at about 60% health.



The Totems that should be used are going to be Strength of Earth, Windfury, Healing Stream and Magma. During Phase 1 your main priority is going to be looking for Dark Rune Sentinel’s. They will spawn from time to time out of one the drills. You can drop magma totems anywhere you see the Dark Rune mobs but anytime you see a Sentinel it should become your top priority and you need to focus on it as soon as a tank has threat on it.

At the same time, Razorscale (who is flying overhead) will be throwing blue fireballs down at you the whole time called Devouring Flame. So stay out of the blue fire on the ground.

When Razorscale hits the ground, wait till a tank has aggro and use Feral Spirits and Bloodlust if it isn’t on cooldown from Ignis. Pop all your cooldowns from your trinkets and replace your magma totem. Stay behind Razorscale and continue your normal rotation until he goes air borne again. Repeat this process until Razorscale dies.

XT-002 Deconstructor


As an Enhancement Shaman, this fight is pretty simple. You can use your typical totems, Strength of Earth, Magma, Healing Stream and Windfury. Use your normal dps rotation on the boss until his heart comes out. Bring out the Feral Spirits and hit Bloodlust, then continue to damage his heart.

A few things to watch out for include Gravity Bombs, Light Bombs and Scrap Bots. If any Scrap Bots get close to XT they will heal him for 60,000.

If you get either Gravity Bomb or Light Bomb on you, get as far away from the group as possible. Typically there are open spots to the far left or far right of the group and boss. It’s a good idea to keep moving left or right until the effect fades.

The Scrap Bots have about 40,000 health and assuming they get close to XT, you should run over drop earthbind and magma to help burn them down then return to XT. There will be a lot of other things going on but since you are melee you will not have to worry about them.

Gear Upgrades

There is not a whole lot for us to upgrade to in Ulduar, especially if you have full tier 7.5. However, you should be spending the majority of your time collecting any mail pieces that you can get your hands on. You will never know when a particular item will be handy.

Technically all we really need is the four set bonus of tier 7.5. That can leave upgrade slots for one of our main pieces of gear. So keep that in mind when deciding on what to roll for. Even if that means rolling for a item that could be very well replaced by a tier 8 piece.

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