Priests, Shamans, & Druids in World Of Warcraft - The Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide For New Players

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Priests - The Ultimate Healers

When it comes to healing classes in the game, priests are always in demand. No matter your level, you will always be asked along for groups and dungeons, as there are never enough healers to go around. This class is the master of healing and restoring their allies' health, helping to shield them in battle and keep them safe, and resurrecting those who have fallen. There are so many great spells and aspects of the priest that it is almost too hard to even start.

The priest is really a diverse class as they can heal and also be massive damage dealers at the same time. Since priests are already the best healers in the game, if you choose this class, you want to buff up your damage output as much as possible when you can to help you out. While there are several different ways that a priest can go, many players will choose to go with the Shadow Priest specialization, which gives those players a great way to level their priest as they have a huge DPS and a great mana pool to use as they go through the levels above 40.

But, overall, priests are a bit weak when it comes to taking damage and they can only wear cloth armor. So, if you choose this class, make sure that you have buffs and as much help as possible in defense and DPS so that you can quickly end a fight without taking too much damage.

Shamans - The Totem Masters

Shamans are probably one of the most diverse classes in the game, as they are a mage/healer/warrior class that can take on so much and heal themselves at the same time. And, depending on how a gamer specializes their shaman, they can enhance special areas that they want to use in the game, such as healing.

One of the main things that shamans are known for are their totems, which help them with mana regeneration, defense, strength, and more. These can be invaluable in groups and instances, as party members benefit from these as well. The shaman was at first only a Horde class, and the Alliance had the paladin, but now the Draenei can become shamans, which give those Alliance players a great way to check out this awesome class.

Shamans can use a wide variety of weapons and armor, which also give them a great way to enhance your play if you choose this awesome class. Plus, when it comes to group play, you are never at a shortage of finding one, as groups will fight over your services since you can be a DPS, use your totems, and be a back up healer and resurrect fallen members when needed.

Druids - The Shapeshifters

This is the only class in the game that can shapeshift and also another extremely versatile class - like the shaman. This is the only class in the game that can actually be any of the four roles that the game offers: a tank, DPS, healer, and caster. Of course, when you start to specialize your druid, then you will gain more in one area than the others.

Druids have three different forms that they can choose from for battle: the cat which is mainly for damaging and special skills like a rogue offers; the bear which is a highly armored and dangerous form like a warrior; and their feral tree form which offers some great healing bonuses to the druid. Depending on which way you specialize your druid, one of these forms will become more powerful in either their spells and casting, healing, or melee damage.

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