WoW Newbie Guide - The Ultimate World of Warcraft Noob Guide - Warlocks, Mages, & Paladins

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Warlocks - Casters & Minions

Warlocks are some of the coolest classes in the game, as they not only can deal major damage with some of the spells that they have but they also have a multitude of minions at their disposal. These minions act like the hunter’s pets, but they have to be summoned with the help of soul stones that the warlock gathers by sucking the remaining life out of an enemy.

These major casters have some of the most powerful crowd control spells in the game, and can do some major damage from afar while their minions do the melee damage up close. They can also specialize in different areas and gain in their skills either in afflicting their enemies with long lasting spells, making their demons stronger and gaining a fel guard, and destruction, which adds to their damage output so that they can wipe out mobs with one hit. Also, warlocks can learn to summon special minions that they must learn to control. These special minions are major damage dealers, but when a lock loses control, this special minion will probably kill them too.

Another great perk to playing a warlock is that they are able to summon special magical mounts, without having to pay for riding and a mount as well.

Mages - The Great Casters

This class is one of the most fun classes to play as they have the abilities to freeze mobs and to turn them into sheep. While in a group, they are mainly crowd control, alone they can still do some major damage and hold their own among any type of mob. And, toward the end game raids, there are some areas that groups must have a mage due to their Counterspell, Spellsteal, and Remove Lesser Curse abilities to help their group in battle.

Now, at first, a mage can only use wands and staves, but later on in the game, they can learn to use daggers and one-handed swords from their weapon masters. But, no matter what their level, a mage can only wear cloth armor, like a warlock. So, for this reason, you want to make sure that you have as much buffs and enchants as possible to make up for this loss.

A mage can can specialize in one of three different talents: fire, frost, or arcane. Once you pick which specialization that you want to go, then you can start to pick up items and skills that will use those talents to their fullest ability.

Paladin - The Great Tankadin

The paladin is also one of the most versatile classes in the game as they can be a great tank, a great healer, or a great DPS - all depending on which specialization you choose to go with.

Those that play the paladin class either love it or hate it, and those that love it and stick with one will find that the power they can wield will be more than they ever thought possible.

Paladins are great healers, even if they don’t specialize in healing as they can still resurrect no matter what, once they learn the art of resurrection at level 10. Paladins can wear just about any type of armor, and can learn to wear plate at level 40, which makes them an even more dangerous foe.

The paladin can choose to specialize in one of three different talent trees: holy (healing), retribution (DPS), or protection (tank). Each of these three talent trees offers a different path for the paladin and offers a number of different choices when it comes to the game overall. The great thing about the paladin is that, like the warlock, the paladin can go on a class quest at level 40 that will allow them to gain a special mount without worrying about buying one or the training.

In the end…

Overall, you want to make sure that you choose a class that fits your playing style - whether it’s group play or solo play. You also want to make sure that you choose a class that you are comfortable playing constantly and that will be able to allow you a wealth of different playing abilities. It’s all basically what you prefer and your personal choice. With all of the different talent trees and specializations that you can choose with each different class, make sure that you choose the one that you prefer - not the one that is popular at the time.

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