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Class Basics

When it comes to creating your alter ego in World of Warcraft, the class that you choose will define who you are and what your game play throughout the game will be like. Most players will have a few classes that sound interesting to them and the best advice is to create a toon for each of the classes that look the best to you and play them until around level 5-10 in the starting zone. This way, you can easily see how each one fits your playing style and which you will like the best. Even a lower level player can spend a few minutes leveling to 5, as it doesn’t take that long in any of the noob areas, and you get a good feel for how that class will be as you go on through the game.

But, let’s go through the nine different classes in the next couple of parts of this mini guide so you can have a better grasp on what each one of them offers to gamers. This first part will go through the Warrior, the Rogue, and the Hunter classes.

Warriors - The Tank

The warrior class is the main tanking class in the whole game and their main attribute is their strength. They are the massive melee damage dealers and have a wealth of special abilities at their disposal all throughout the game.

Warriors rely on their rage to use some of their special abilities, just like other ranged casters will rely on mana. A warrior’s rage will replenish when they either receive damage or when they deal out white damage (which is without using their rage pool). Warriors rely on different stances to help them fight: the defensive stance, battle stance, or the berserker stance. Each different one offers special abilities when they are in battle, and those that choose the warrior class will understand these different stances as they gain them in game.

One of the great things about playing the warrior class is that they can wear any type of armor in the game, even plate - which becomes available to them at level 40. They are able to use just about any weapon except for wands, idols, totems, and librams. These two things make them one of the most versatile classes in the game, which adds to the gamer’s experience.

So, if you choose to play a warrior, be prepared to be the main damage dealer and taker in the game, and know that you will never have a problem finding a group.

Rogues - The Stealthy Off-Tank

The rogue is the other main melee damage dealer in the game, and have a massive range of abilities. Now, the rogue class has to be in close with their enemy to deal their damage, which usually makes them the perfect off tank as it allows them to deal massive amounts of damage while the tank can keep the mob on them and take the damage.

One of the main things that makes a rogue class different from the other classes in the game is their Stealth ability, which prevents others from seeing them until they are right up close and usually are already doing damage to the other player or mob. They also have a massive amount of agility, so they can move swiftly and silently.

As you move up in levels, you will gain armor that will offer you a ton of Attack power that will up the skills that you already have. Rogues don’t need mana or rage which need to refill, which is another great thing.

While they don’t have any type of healing abilities, potions and bandages are a great thing to have with you all the time, especially in battles.

Rogues can wear leather or cloth armor, and they cannot use shields, but once you get past level 10, you can learn to dual wield. Then, at level 20, you can learn poisons, which are another great way to beat your opponents quickly.

Hunters - Animal Trainers and Ranged Damage Dealers

The hunter is the most prevalent class in the game as they are extremely easy to level due to their pets, which are gained at level 10. They can easily use their pets to pull mobs and control crowds while they deal ranged damage with their bows or guns.

Now, hunters are not much of a melee class, and they cannot take a lot of damage like a warrior or rogue can, they mostly rely on their pets for this type of damage. Hunters are able to tame almost all of the different beast mobs in World of Warcraft, and each different type of mob will give the hunter a new skill that will give other pets special abilities that they may not have. Such as, since boars are extremely stealthy, it is always great to train them and then pass this ability on to another mob that may not be as fast. Or, cats have a great speed and attack power, while some others may not. So, all different mobs offer different abilities that hunters can pass on to other pets that they train.

Hunters wear leather and cloth armor until they are level 40, and then they can use mail armor. Hunters also use ranged weapons, such as bows or guns, and can use any other weapon in the game except wands, maces or two handed maces. They also cannot use shields, but this is rarely a problem. Now, hunters do have abilities that will require mana for them, like healing their pets, but they do not have a large mana pool like other casters will.

In the next part of this series, we will go through the priest, shaman, and druid classes - which are normally considered support or healing classes.

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