Quest Achievements in World of Warcraft: WoW Achievements in the "Classic" and "Burning Crusade" Subcategories

Quest Achievements in World of Warcraft: WoW Achievements in the "Classic" and "Burning Crusade" Subcategories
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The “Quest” category of achievements covers accomplishments related to quests throughout the land of Azeroth. The “Classic” and “Burning Crusade” categories cover achievements specific to the continents of the old world and those in Outland.

Classic Quest Achievements

There is only one questline-specific achievement in the “Classic” section, “The Green Hills of Stranglethorn.” To receive it, players must complete all of Hemet Mesingwary’s quests (both “The Green Hills of Stranglethorn” and the “Big Game Hunger” chain) in Stranglethorn Vale. The achievement is worth 10 points.

There are separate requirements for the “Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms” achievement depending on the player’s faction. Alliance characters must complete 700 quests in the Eastern Kingdoms while their Horde counterparts need only complete 550 on the continent. Both version are worth 10 points. Likewise, the “Loremaster of Kalimdor” achievement’s requirements differ by faction as well. 700 quests in Kalimdor must be completed by Horde players and Alliance characters must complete 730. “Loremaster of Kalimdor” is also worth 10 points.

Burning Crusade Zone-Specific Quest Achievements

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Like the Loremaster achievements in Azeroth, the “To Hellfire and Back” achievement has two versions depending on faction. The Alliance version requires that 80 quests be completed in Hellfire Peninsula and Horde players need to complete 90 quests in the zone. Both versions are worth 10 points. The “Mysteries of the Marsh” achievement is worth 10 points and asks that players of both factions complete 54 quests in Zangarmarsh.

“Terror of Terokkar” is another achievement with two separate sets of requirements. The achievement is worth 10 points and requires Horde players to complete 68 quests in Terokkar Forest. Alliance players must complete 68 quests in the zone. “Nagrand Slam” is an achievement title that always makes me chuckle, for some reason. It’s worth 10 points and Alliance players must finish 75 quests in Nagrand to receive it. Horde players must complete 87 quests.

Characters of either faction who complete 86 quests in Blade’s Edge Mountains will receive 10 points and the “On the Blade’s Edge” achievement. Complete 120 quests in Netherstorm for 10 points and the “Into the Nether” achievement. “Shadow of the Betrayer” is the achievement awarded to players who complete 90 quests in Shadowmoon Valley. It’s worth 10 points.

Burning Crusade Quest-Specific Achievements

Azeroth’s Hemingway stand-in Hemet Mesingwary returns for the “Hills Like White Elekk” achievement. Players must complete all of his quests in Nagrand, ending with “The Ultimate Bloodsport.” “Hills Like White Elekk” is worth 10 points.

There are two bombing-mission related achievements in Outland. “Bombs Away” is the reward for finishing the “Fires Over Skettis” quests in less than 2:15 while not grouped and is worth 10 points. The “Blade’s Edge Bomberman” achievement requires characters to complete the “Bomb Them Again!” quest on their own in under 2 minutes and 15 seconds. “Blade’s Edge Bomberman” is worth 10 points.

Loremaster of Outland Achievement

For true completionists, there’s the 10 point “Loremaster of Outland” achievement. To receive it, characters must complete all seven of the zone-specific quest achievements in Outland. They are: “To Hellfire and Back,” “Mysteries of the Marsh,” “Terror of Terokkar,” “Nagrand Slam,” “On the Blade’s Edge,” “Into the Nether,” and “Shadow of the Betrayar.” Refer to the faction-specific requirements for each achievement in their respective sections above for more specific requirements.

Those are the “Quest” achievements in the “Classic” and “Burning Crusade” subcategories. For information on the Northrend-specific “Quest” achievements, check out the upcoming “Wrath of the Lich King” section of the “Quest” achievements.