The Best Easter Eggs, Secret Cultural References, and Secret Quests in World of Warcraft.

The Best Easter Eggs, Secret Cultural References, and Secret Quests in World of Warcraft.
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What is an Easter Egg?

The term Easter Egg, beyond its obvious holiday use, is reserved for a hidden message in a piece of media. Easter Eggs did not become a popular addition until home media became standard and people returned to a piece of media on regular occasions. Now Easter Eggs, which are these built in secrets, can be found in many DVDs and video games.

What constitutes the specifics of an Easter Egg has evolved over the years, but often times it is a little cultural reference or joke that will just add a little harmless fun to your gameplay. For all the die-hard World of Warcraft fans out there this may be the perfect side note to distract you from the all-consuming avatar system that you have given yourself up to.

These are not going to be valuable World of Warcraft items that you can sell on the virtual marketplace, but it may be enough to inspire a grin in even the most jaded gamers. Here are a few of the most popular World of Warcraft Easter Eggs that are built in, which give you an excuse to break from the Horde.

World of Warcraft Cultural References

Many of the funniest World of Warcraft Easter Eggs simply come in the form of a snide quote or name combination that holds a clear pop culture reference.

When you are in the Undercity in the Warrior Quarter you are going to find characters named Edward and Tyler mid-battle against an Abomination while characters named Marla and Chloe linger near by. These name combinations are a quick reference to the film Fight Club.

In Auberdine you are going to meet a crab fisherman that appears as a dwarf. His name is Gubber Bump, a quick reference to Bubba Gump Shrimp in Forrest Gump. He even recites a similar line with “Crabs are the food of the sea. You can boil ‘em, fry ‘em, mash ‘em, roast ‘em."


Many of these several dozen quote reference World of Warcraft Easter Eggs get a little obscure. On the Finkle’s Skinner from The Beast you can see that there is an inscription that reads “Property of Finkle Einhorn, Grandmaster Adventurer." This is a reference to a couple names from Ace Ventura.

In a similar vein you will notice that the plot points in the story Kurzen’s Mystery about Colonel Kurzen are a little familiar. This story is inspired by Heart of Darkness, the book that inspired Apocalypse Now.

World of Warcraft Chicken Quest

The best Easter Eggs in World of Warcraft are even more involved and do not have direct culture references. Instead many of them act as World of Warcraft secrets, but with a focus toward fun rather than functionality.

wow chicken quest

One of these Easter Eggs is called the “CLUCK” quest, and is only available to Alliance characters. Find a chicken and type in the word “/chicken” to them seventy-five times. This will feel excessive, but the chicken will eventually come around and spark up conversation.

It will then offer you the “CLUCK” quest, which again will be somewhat odd. Go find special food (at Saldean’s Farm in Westfall) for the chicken and give it to them. After this you must /cheer at them, which again will feel somewhat out of place.

Now you will be ready to receive your present, which is just a pet chicken that ends up following rather closely. It will only end up following you until you reach the end of Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Zelda Quest

Other hidden quests are direct cultural references, such as the hidden World of Warcraft Zelda quest. This quest is reserved for those above level forty-seven, so you have to level through your World of Warcraft account until you are ready.

To start the World of Warcraft Zelda quest you go to Un' Goro Crater get into the swamp. In the middle of this marsh you are going to find a boat of sorts with a picture inside.

You are going to be assisting Linkmen in the recovery of his memories, which requires you to actually do thirteen different missions inside Azeroth. The World of Warcraft Zelda quest is also called “It’s a Secret to Everybody,” which is another quote reference.

Lil Timmy

Little Timmy Locations

Secret creatures also abound in World of Warcraft Easter Eggs.

One of the best of these is the lonely white kitten that you have to buy only from Lil' Timmy. He is difficult to find in general so you have to look out for him and purchase the kitten immediately. Go to the canal end snuggled in between Trade District and Old Town in the Stormwind as this will be a good place to expect Lil' Timmy to show up.

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