Blizzard Introduces “Recruit-A-Friend” program for World Of Warcraft


When it comes to WoW-Heads, we are always trying to get our friends and family in on the fun; I mean, the more the merrier, right? So, Blizzard has finally started to capitalize on this by introducing "recruit-a-friend". This is basically a referral program that will allow you to pull some of your friends into World of Warcraft by simply sending them a special email that will give them a free trial key to create their own account. Once your friend gets this email and creates their account, then you are opened up for some really cool perks.

Here is the main perk which Blizzard is pushing and people are longing for – an exclusive Zhevra mount. Personally, I would love to have one of these, as they just look cool… who really cares about the stats… But, here is the catch – the friend that you recruit has to upgrade their account and buy the full versions of the game in order for you to get this sweet mount. You have to register on the site through the Recruit-A-Friend section and you can only get the mount by using the recruiting area as well. Plus, you can only get the Zhevra mount for one toon in the game.

Of course, the sweet Zhevra mount isn’t the only perk that you get through the Recruit-A-Friend deal. You and your friend will have the special ability to summon each other once per hour to any location in the game, without a summoning stone, a group, or a warlock. You can also link to your friend while you are out playing and you both gain triple experience while linked. This is great to help your friend level up so that they will want to play more. And, when your friend earns two levels, you get one free level up for a lower-leveled toon that you have. That alone is worth helping your friend level! You could basically run your friend through the game and instances so that you level them up to 60 and then apply your free levels to a toon that is level 10 and have a level 40 toon!

Or course, the link to your friend only lasts 90-days. So, you have to make sure that you get in and link and level while you can to earn those triple experience points and gain those sweet free levels for your lower level toon. But, when your friend upgrades their account and pays for their first month, you will actually get a free 30-day play time. This is a big plus for those who play a lot, as it gives you free play time to hang out and play with your new, and old, friends. You can also earn several free months by recruiting several friends at a time and each time they upgrade and then pay for their first month, you get a free month play time on your account. Plus, when Wrath of the Lich King comes out, you can even earn the leveling bonus on the Death Knights, as I am sure that many players will be all about playing this new class.

Of course there are other rules that apply to the leveling and the triple experience (Blizzard doesn’t really make anything completely easy or free for it’s players), so you need to make sure that you go to the FAQ page that will explain everything about this new Recruit-A-Friend program. There is a lot that goes with this Recruit-A-Friend program, so make sure that you go through and read it all so you can maximize all the perks that Blizzard is offering when it comes to this promotion. And, do what you can to get all the free goodies from them and use them wisely!