World Of Warcraft - Interesting Locations You Must See

World Of Warcraft - Interesting Locations You Must See
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WoW Has Alot To Offer

World Of Warcraft has been around for quite a while now, but it still provides some great vistas for the MMO gamer to enjoy. No matter whether you are looking for a white sandy beach, calming forests, or crisp snow-capped mountains, WoW has it all and more. As you work your way through the game, there are noteworthy locations you just have to experience. As with everything, getting to these locations safely is a matter of your character level, but the developers have definitely given every participant something to look forward to. Let’s take a virtual tour through a few of the noteworthy and interesting views you can find in WoW.

The Emerald Forests Of Terrokar

Terrorkar Forest is a zone in Outland, which is part of the expansion pack The Burning Crusade. This quiet, solemn grove is great for nature lovers everywhere. The sunlight filters down through the branches of majestic trees, while you tred over a soft grassy carpet. There are many slow-flowing streams you can dip your feet into, but be aware of the wildlife. As with everywhere else in WoW, wild animals abound. Here you need to keep you eye out for wolves and crocolisks, to mention a few. Still, the forest itself is very peaceful and quiet, broken occasionly by the cry of its inhabitants.

A Day At The Beach

Stranglethorn Vale

If a secluded beach is more your style, take a trip down to the Cape of Stranglethorn Vale. This remote beach has crisp, clear waters and even an island not far off shore. The weather is usually warm, and there’s plenty of room to lay out a blanket, make some sand castles, or just walk through the surf. Don’t let the pirate ships off shore bother you. As long as you stay away from the very tip of the Cape, they probably won’t bother you.

Or maybe you prefer the serenity of white sand deserts? If so, Tanaris is the locale for you.


This vast tract of dunes and dry landscape is sure to calm your restless heart. The sun beats down like a blast furnace, but you’ll never feel uncomfortably hot here. Whether you’re riding through on a swift mount or merely taking a jog across the endless sandy sea, the desert life will provide you with a calm you can’t find in those busy cities elsewhere. Just ignore the gigantic bones of some long-dead creature. He was here ages ago, and surely there’s nothing here that can really hurt you anymore.

Flyin' High

Hellfire Peninsula

If you’re lucky enough to have a flying mount, you really need to go visit the environs of Outland, specifically Hellfire Peninsula. Here you really get a good glimpse of how fractured and bare Outland really is (not to mention how gravity seems to be having difficulties). With a flying mount, you can get a really good view of the floating “islands” hanging out in space. Some of them you can even fly to, though be careful if you do. While the landscape is composed of a not-so-appealing shade of pink, the sky is wondrous to behold and hovering near the edge of the world will test your level of vertigo.

Or maybe a nice snowy retreat is your style. While there isn’t any skiing here,

Temple Of Storms

you can find plenty of cool temperatures and snow-capped mountains at Storm Peaks in Northrend. One noteworthy facet in this icy realm is the Temple Of Storms. This gigantic peak rises so high above the landscape, you’ll see nothing but clouds below you. A constant stream of dragons fly around the temple at the mountaintop against a beautiful starry sky. This is quite possibly the highest point in all of WoW, and one you definitely must visit as soon as you can.

Just Plain Awe-Inspiring

Sholazar Basin

The various pillars in Sholazar Basin are a sight to behold. Each towers high above the landscape and has crystal formations embedded at its top. Floating above these remarkable formations are WoW’s signature mix of magic and nature in physical form. If you haven’t had a chance to visit these natural monuments, you really need to stop by. You’ll need a flying mount to reach their peak, but you’ll then be able to gaze at the wondrous landscape far below. There are numerous waterfalls, rushing rivers, and swamps and forests teeming with game.

Dalaran is WoW’s famous floating city,


which hovers high in the skies of Northrend. This is part of the latest expansion pack, Wrath of The Lich King, but it’s one of the most inspiring sights you can find. The city is a haven for both Horde and Alliance alike, with political factions, quests, vendors and players aplenty. From here you can even teleport directly to various locations throughout the WoW realms. You will need to take a flight path or have a flying mount to visit, but it’s well worth the trip.

WoW Is Wonderful

WoW has so many locations that are breathtaking, and these are only a few noteworthy areas. The game remains graphically beautiful, and the developers have put in a great deal of imaginative and interesting content. If you’re a current WoW player, make sure you take a moment to look around and enjoy the view. Some of the areas noted here are from the two expansion packs, so that gives you something to look forward to (particularly if you haven’t achieved a high level character yet). But even the basic WoW game has a tremendous amount of beauty for you to partake of. Make sure you stop to smell the “virtual roses” as it were. WoW definitely has a lot to offer for your viewing pleasure, and it would be shame if you miss it.

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