Best and Most Useful World of Warcraft Sites

Best and Most Useful World of Warcraft Sites
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There are a lot of sites out there that claim to provide essential, can’t miss information about World of Warcraft (Yes, this is one of them). With all the competition out there, it can be difficult to sort through and find that one piece of information you’re eagerly searching for

without being overwhelmed with unnecessary or useless information.

As a veteran WoW player, I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out difficult quests, looking up which boss I need to kill to get that essential piece of gear I’m searching for, and trying to track down specific pieces of hard-to-find information. Each of the following sites has proven useful time and time again.

Kaliban’s Class Loot Lists

Kaliban’s Loot Lists are an invaluable tool for anyone trying to gear up through raiding or questing. With separate pages for each of the game’s 10 classes, Kaliban has listed the most useful items available through questing or instance runs in each Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King zone.

The site is useful both for those working on levels 60-80 and max-level players who are trying to gear up as efficiently as possible. While leveling, Kaliban’s lists show players the best gear available for their level and how to acquire it. Simply check out the listing for the zone you’re currently questing in and you’ll find information on the best quest rewards in the zone as well as a link to each quest’s Wowhead listing.

Lost Vikings in World of Warcraft

Once you’ve reached level 80, Kaliban’s lists provide information on the best drops for your class available in both regular and heroic instances. You’ll also find dungeon maps and boss strategies readily available on the same page.

You know that guy in your guild who always seems to know exactly what loot drops from each boss? Chances are he’s getting his information from Kaliban’s site. It’s an invaluable resource for any player level 60+.

WoW Wiki


Edwin VanCleef

om is another incredibly useful site for World of Warcraft players of any level. Simply put, Wowwiki is a database containing just about every piece of information about the game. Stuck on a quest and need more information? Check out the quest’s page. Looking for strategies for defeating Hogger? Check out his page.

WoW Wiki has information on literally anything in the game you could possibly hope to search for. Each entry contains player-contributed information and tried and true strategies. Instance boss entries contain loot listings and encounter strategies. Quest listings contain location information and advice on how best to complete them.

Be careful with this site, it’s entirely possible to lose several hours just clicking through from article to article. I now know more than I ever thought possible about Edwin Van Cleef and the Defias Brotherhood simply by checking out their corresponding pages.


Now you can be the player who knows the best strategy for every raid boss, how many tanks, healers and DPS are required for each fight, and where everyone should stand once the fight starts. Bosskillers offers incredibly-detailed and up to date information on how to take down Warcraft’s various raid bosses.

There’s really not much more to say about it. If you need step by step boss strategies, look no further than Bosskillers.

WoW Armory

Most people know about the WoW Armory, but for those few who might not, it’s a fantastic resource. In the armory, you can find information about the gear, achievements, stats, and build of any player over level 10.

Rivendare’s Deathcharger

Say you’re grouped with an exceptionally effective warrior tank and want to know more about his build and gear. Now, instead of bugging him incessantly in game, you can simply look him up on the armory. You can find information about every piece of gear he has - including where he got it. You can also get information on his talent point allocation and even find out such obscure stats as how many times he was killed by Hogger as a newbie.

The Wow Armory is frequently employed to shoot down serial exaggerators. So a girl in your guild claims to have gotten Rivendare’s Deathcharger on her second Strat run? Well now you can look her up on armory and see just how many times she has really taken him down.

These four sites have proven infinitely valuable throughout my time in World of Warcraft. Each provides very useful information in an easy to read format. They deserve a place in the bookmarks of any WoW player - along with Bright Hub of course!

In fact, we have created an entry on the Bright Hub MMO blog where you can post links and descriptions of your favorite WoW or other MMO fan sites and online tools. Tell us about the sites that make your MMO experience better!

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