Complete Guide to the World of Warcraft Barbershop

Complete Guide to the World of Warcraft Barbershop
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What is the Barbershop in World of Warcraft?

The Barbershop is a new addition to the World of Warcraft. It is a place in the majority of capital cities where a player can go and fulfill their mani/pedi/highlight needs. Finally, players can express their vanity in an all new way - with exciting new hairstyles, colors, piercings, tusks, horns, and well, just about anything minus plastic surgery. (Click here for more information on plastic surgery and sex changes in World of Warcraft).

As most veteran WoW players are aware, character customization is incredibly limited. With the release of Wrath of the Lich King came a few additions to the customization options for characters. For players with existing characters that needed a makeover, Blizzard gave us the Barbershop.

Barbershop Photo Shoot

Goblin Hairdressers are notorious for bad service.

Does this mirror make me look fat?

Can I look at a magazine?

I strike fear into the hearts of mere mortals!

What Can Be Changed?

The things you can change in a barbershop are a little bit limited. For example, you cannot change your face or skin color, but you can change your hairstyle, hair color, piercings, facial hair, and markings. As strange as it may seem, Draenei can change their horns and Trolls can change their tusks. It sounds like a painful procedure to me, but hey, there’s always healers. There are all kinds of new options for changing your character’s appearance, so go through them all.

Where Can I Find One?

Barbershops grace the common areas of many major cities:

Stormwind - Located in the Trade District, behind the Auction House and to the right.

Ironforge - Located in The Commons, to the left of the entrance to Ironforge if you’re entering.

Orgrimmar - Located in the Cleft of Shadows, very near the Rogue trainers.

Undercity - Located in the Trade Quarter, on the east side.

Dalaran - Located in the Magus Commerce Exchange, near the Sunreaver’s Sanctuary

Area 52, Netherstorm - Located in the south-west corner. It’s tiny.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a makeover in a Barbershop ranges from 2-12 gold, approximately. The price varies greatly depending on what procedures you opt for. On my Night Elf, I was charged 4g23s for a hairstyle change, 2g11s for a hair color change, and 3g17s for a markings change. However, I noticed that if I opted to change my hairstyle and hair color at the same time, I received the color change on the house. I don’t know if this is a bug or “feature”, but keep that in mind when you go. When I took my Troll to the barber, he ended up with a 12g bill. I don’t know how these Barbershop’s set their prices, but its safe to say that the price is going to vary greatly across the board.

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