New Character Re-Customization in World of Warcraft

New Character Re-Customization in World of Warcraft
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Terms of Service

When the banner on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft Launcher displayed Character Re-Customization it was humorous among guilds and groups. The thought was, “Why would anyone want to change their toon’s gender?”As of October 14th, players could change their toon’s hair and facial markings at barbershops in any capital city. They can now change their gender and name, for the price of $15.00.

I had a female orc rogue, named Baldbritaney. The name is self explanatory, and it was fun while it lasted. I got tired of her name. Then I decided I’d like her to be a male orc. I tried the Character Re-Customization Service. I clicked on the launcher on the banner advertising the service. The account log- on screen appeared, and I typed in my user name and password. I selected “Character Re-Customization.” It brought me to a chart, where I selected one of my toons on Terokkar server. I had to read the terms and conditions, which include: “this service lets you change your character’s gender, face, hair and skin, color, hairstyle, name and other cosmetic features determined by their race and gender combination. You cannot, however, change your character’s race or class. This covers a single customization for a single character. A character may only be customized once every 30 days.”

A Character Re-Customization cannot be reversed once completed, except by a second customization. If the characters name is changed during this process, once the name change is completed, the character’s old name will be locked from use on the realm for 90 days. After that, the name becomes available again. I agreed to this, and I was instructed to log off of World of Warcraft for 30 minutes.

Gender and Name Change

When I logged back on there was an orange block with an arrow next to Baldbritaney. I clicked on her name, and was presented with the character selection screen. All the races were grayed, except for the orc, rogue, and male/female. I selected male. Below the male selection were hair, face, facial hair and skin color. When I chose the features and hair, I was given the option of choosing the name. (link)

The names Fred, Gus and Edgar, were not available. Then I tried EdgarAllen. It was accepted, and I clicked okay. When I played EdgarAllen, the toon was in the exact place where Baldbritaney was, before she became a he. In a personal opinion, I like the way male orcs play. I didn’t want to create a new character, so I’m happy with the gender change. The screenshot is of EdgarAllen, after the gender and name change. The clothing and armor are the exact same as Bladbritaney wore. Changing Baldbritaney was almost like making a brand new toon.

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