Should an MMO Account Be Purchased as a Gift?

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What You Need To Know

With the holidays in the horizon, we think about the “pain” of buying the perfect gift. Every year, we break our heads, thinking what to give, and most of the time those gifts that we worked so hard to get, aren’t even liked by those who get them. For many of us, these days of happiness and celebration end with frustration because we feel that we didn’t choose the right item or we didn’t buy the latest trend in technology, but many of us didn’t thought of one option that any gamer would love: giving an account MMORPG as a present, You would be surprised at what a good idea it can be, as many people today play MMORPGs. But if you want to buy one, you have to shop around and take some precautions before purchasing one. Here are some helpful tips you need to know:

Find The Right MMORPG Account

The first thing you need to know is if the person is fond of MMORPGs. While many millions of gamers are fond of MMORPGs, there are those that don’t care for them. So, you need to know if the intended receiver likes MMORPGs to begin with, and if so, which MMORPG they prefer to play as there are thousands of them out there. Once you have this information, you can easily narrow down your search and begin finding the right account to purchase. After all, you don’t want to spend the time and money finding and purchasing an account only to find out that they don’t play that particular MMORPG game.

Budgeting for an MMORPG Account

The second thing you should know is never buy something beyond your budget or the budget of the person you are going to give the account. Why? Because if you buy an account that is expensive and the other person can’t pay for the monthly fees, then it will be a waste of time and effort, even if the monthly fees are only $5. Also remember, if you buy one MMO as a present, it may also be a great gift idea to purchase a game time card or prepaid gaming time on that account so that your loved one can play for a while before they have to worry about monthly fees.

Keep An Open Mind

The third thing to keep in mind is that not all MMORPG are World of Warcraft, there is wide variety and plenty of option to choose from. To name a few of the more popular one: Warhammer Online, City of Heroes, and Age of Conan online are always good choices as they have a large fan base, even though it may not be as big as WoW. But, another game that is rising in popularity is Pirates of the Caribbean Online, with simple dynamics and action, it is a really fun game for any age and cheap to play and keep up and the graphics will have you feeling that you are in one of the Pirates movies. For those that like space strategy games, Beyond Protocol is another cool game that is set in space and the monthly fees are low.


Here is some final advice from personal experience - I bought an account to my brother as a Christmas present last year, and it was a mess as the account was not what I wanted, but I learned from the experience. So, make sure that you know what you are buying and who you buying it for, because when you know what to buy, you will always find the right MMORPG account to purchase for that gamer in your life.

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