World Of Warcraft: Paladin Dungeon Armor Sets in World of Warcraft

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There are four sets of dungeon armor for the Paladin class in World of Warcraft. These items have special set bonuses that when worn together give additional buffs to the wearer. Each set shows special skill and status to those that see your character in them, and they are sought after pieces in the game. Here is a light description of each set with links to more extensive articles on the set.

Paladin Dungeon Armor Sets

Dungeon Set 1, Lightforge Armor

Lightforge armor is an eight piece set of armor that gives a boost to attack power, resistances, and to the damage dealt from your character. It is a good set for the melee or close range fighting paladin, and is a beautiful red and gold. With 3622 armor for the set, it’s a nice armor to wear for a multitude of levels until you can go to the next run on the dungeon armor ladder.

Dungeon Set 2, Soulforge Armor

The Soulforge armor set is made by upgrading the Lightforge armor set and has been said to be too expensive and difficult for what its worth. However, it is an eight piece set that gives the same attack power and resistances boost as lightforge does. It is still made with the melee paladin in mind. Keep in mind that it is a step by step quest upgrade that will start with the bracers. With 4185 armor it is a good step up in defense to you.

Dungeon Set 3a, Righteous Armor

The Righteous armor set is a five piece armor set that gives boosts to mana regeneration, defense rating, damage and healing, plus boosts to consecration and righteous defense skills. It is socketed so that you can boost it further with items. It has 4730 armor so its still a good boost from the last set, and gets you prepared to step up to the big boys.

Dungeon Set 3b, Doomplate Battlegear

Doomplate Battlegear is a five piece armor set that will give boosts to your parry, hit rating and your critical strike rating. It is socketed so that you can boost it more. It also has the 4730 armor. While not designed for a specific class it is categorized as the Dungeon set 3b as an alternate for paladins in the game.