Archaeology Item Listing: WoW

Archaeology Item Listing: WoW
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Overview - Archaeology Item Listing

Now that you have a basic idea of how archaeology works, and know the best places to look for the epic gear rewards, it’s time to look into the lighter side of archaeology! Besides the obvious benefit of epic gear, the profession offers a slew of vanity items ranging from pets and mounts to unique transformations and toys.

Before we begin, remember that the same rules apply here as they do for epics. Each world region has its own set of dig sites, with some regions having far more dig sites for some races than they do for others. If you want an artifact from a specific race, be sure you are looking in the right place! With this knowledge and the following archaeology item listing, WoW’s newest secondary profession will hopefully be a little less frustrating.

Eastern Kingdoms is the best place to find Troll and Dwarf dig sites. It has a lot of fossils also, a negligible amount of Night Elf and Nerubian sites.

Kalimdor is easily the best place to find Night Elf dig sites. It also has a lot of fossils, a small handful of Troll sites, and a single Dwarf site. It is the only place to find Tol’vir sites, which require 450 skill to see.

Outland has only Orc and Draenei dig sites, and is the only place to find them. Requires 300 skill.

Northrend is also considered a single archaeology region. In addition to being the only place for Nerubian and Vyrkul dig sites, it also contains a few Night Elf and Troll sites. You need 375 archaeology skill to find Northrend sites. Requires 375 skill.


Mounts! Mounts are probably the most popular (and sought-after) cosmetic item in the game. While anyone with a few levels can buy a generic mount from the appropriate vendor, collecting rare mounts is a pastime held by many WoW players. No surprise here, archaeology offers some cosmetic mounts of its own.

The Fossilized Raptor is possibly the best known archaeology mount. As its name implies, the raptor a rare fossil artifact. Despite its epic-level quality, this is one of the few rare artifacts which is apparently possible to discover with a relatively low archaeology skill. If you level up your archaeology in either Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms, the odds are good that you will find this mount before hitting max archaeology skill!

If you wish to farm specifically for this mount, Kalimdor is slightly better than Eastern Kingdoms for discovering fossil dig sites.

Despite what you may have heard on trade chat,

The Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank is much less well known, possibly because it is so rare. It is a recolor of the legendary Black Qiraji Battle Tank. The Black Battle Tank has been completely unobtainable for years, and even when it was obtainable it was almost impossible to get. Only one character could ever obtain one per realm.

The Ultramarine Battle Tank, while not quite as rare as its predecessor, is still very difficult to get. It comes from Tol’vir dig sites, and has a very low discovery rate. Since Tol’vir dig sites themselves have a low spawn rate, owning this mount requires either excellent luck, supreme dedication, or (more likely) both. If you want to find it yourself, remember that Kalimdor is the only region in the game that can spawn Tol’vir sites, and you need at least 450 archaeology skill to discover them.


Besides the mounts and vanity items, you can also find different WoW archaeology pets. These are companion pets and, like all companion pets, these will not help you in battle like the epic gear rewards would. They are purely cosmetic. Currently, three pets are available from archaeology:

This undead raptor clearly did not have enough milk when it was young, and so it is not fit for riding.

Like the Fossilized Raptor mount, the Fossilized Raptor Hatchling is available by solving fossil artifacts. It is basically a miniature version of the mount, and it is adorable! Like the fossil mount, it is relatively easy to get and a high skill is not required.


The Clockwork Gnome is found, oddly, by solving Dwarf artifacts. Like the hatchling, this too is relatively easy to get and does not require a high skill to solve. Despite its name, having this companion out will probably not give you nightmares about the song “Singin’ in the Rain.” Whew! Remember that, for all intents and purposes, Dwarf dig sites must be farmed in Eastern Kingdoms.

The final pet is the Crawling Claw, found via Tol’vir dig sites. Since Tol’vir dig sites are designed to crush you, mind and soul, this pet is much more difficult to get than either the Clockwork Gnome or the Fossilized Raptor Hatchling.

Everything Else

While mounts and pets are all well and good, we’ve overlooked the most important aspect of archaeology rewards so far: confusing people in the auction house!

That’s right, archaeology has several vanity items which create unique transformations and spell effects. There are very many deal of these, including (but not limited to):

The Chalice of the Mountain Kings, a Dwarf artifact long thought lost to this world due to its awesome power, will…

With power like this, it is no surprise that some people tried to bot archaeology.

Summon four dwarves who will do a little dance for a few seconds, then disappear.


(For best results, use in the middle of Ogrimmar.)

Yes sir, I would like to purchase 200 Mysterious Fortune Cards. What do you mean you don’t sell to NPCs!?

The Bones of Transformation are a Night Elf artifact which will turn you into an oversized Naga named “Naz’Jar Honor Guard.” (Yes, it really changes your name in some places.) Enjoy your 10 seconds of anonymous fun!

BUBBLEHEARTH! Since this is a vanity item with a combat use, expect it to be nerfed eventually.

The Last Relic of Argus is unique, it is the only non-gear archaeology reward with a legitimate combat use. Using it will cast a spell called Teleport With Error. This spell will take you to a random place in the game world. This spell only has a 5 second cast time. What does this mean? Bubblehearth is back, and now available to multiple classes! Woo!

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