The Buckshot Nintendo Wii Shotgun is a Killer

The Buckshot Nintendo Wii Shotgun is a Killer
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Meet My Little Friend

Have I introduced you to my little friend? Actually the Buckshot is a pretty big guy, as in 15 inches or so of mayhem waiting to happen. You get into a game and want the feeling of holding a big weapon that can really cause some damage? Then the Buckshot’s for you. It’s patterned off of a pump-action shotgun and feels ever so nice in the hand. It feels even better when it’s being used to blow enemies into the next block. The guys who make it call it a controller for the Wii. I call it a delivery boy loaded down with bad news.

Eye Candy Better than Tootsie Rolls

I got a real sweet tooth for the Buckshot’s color - it’s a bright chrome

firehouse red (yeh, the same as Iron Man’s suit from the first film). It’s bright enough to attract attention, but also pretty much negates the reality of it being a real shotgun. I mean, I’ve been known to carry out the Wii remote to the balcony when the UPS guy comes to toss up a package, and guess that a new guy on the route might freak out if the Buckshot wasn’t bright red. Oh - you CAN get it in black should you not care about such things (or more likely, live in a deserted area where walking around with real weapons is pretty much taken for granted). It’s better this way and I never cared for those bright red tips they stuck on toy guns to say they were harmless; like somebody with a badge who looks your way if you’re dumb enough to pull one out in public is going to scrutinize whatcolor the tip is, rather than responding quicker with deadly force.

So okay, now that I’ve scared you good we can get back to using the Buckshot for what it was design for - playing games where a big weapon is preferable to some wimp

Check These Specs


So okay, now that I’ve scared you good we can get back to using the Buckshot for what it was designed for - playing games where a big weapon is preferable to some wimpy .45. The Buckshot’s got the size and the ergonomics to make it easy to use - although it weighs too much for more than the occasional one-handed show off firing attack. And unlike one of those shells that just holds a Wii remote, the Buckshot is toughly made to keep the remote in place inside while accessing all the electronics from the outside. That means a quick press of the trigger firing off the “A” button while working the pump-action slide takes care of the “B” button. There’s even a Nunchuk controller built in, with the controls on the back of the hammer.

And besides aiming down the sights, sensibly enough there’s rubber grips on the pump and the handle. That makes it easier to hold onto, as well as keeping the sweat generated after a few dozen kills from causing your hands to slip (which in my game world is usually accompanied by some big Bozo getting past my defenses and wacking me good).

We Don’t Need No Stinking Zapper

Anyone got the Wii Zapper? It’s one fat and ugly attempt to create a weapon that doesn’t look fearsome. Guess the guys who made it were still scared that Nintendo users only hugged Teddy Bears when not playing Zelda or Mario. I pulled it out to compare with the Buckshot and nearly puked to think that up to now this was as good as it got. RoboCop would laugh in my face.

So this is the one to get if you’re looking to kick butt in a game and trying to forget your own reality for one where you can blow chunks out of anything that gets in your way. Good thing that it’s the future because having a sick weapon like the Buckshot is just what the Doctor ordered. If the Doctor is a gun dealer in the world of video games, that is. So lock and load kiddo - it’s time to boogie.