Elite Fitness Pack meets Nintendo Wii Balance Board and a Better You

Elite Fitness Pack meets Nintendo Wii Balance Board and a Better You
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Getting Off That Couch

Exercise is serious business - even if the Wii Balance board makes it more fun than pain. But there’s a lot of other exercise accessories to use with the board that you’ll have to get on your own. So why not embrace your laziness for the last time and let Thrustmaster take care of assembling everything for you in one tidy package.

Get the Pack to Get Fit

There’s a lot of stuff inside the Elite Fitness Pack. The best way to describe what is there is to open it up and take everything out so it can be used. I’m going to do just that now.

Popping open the box by grabbing the plastic handle and removing the cardboard tabs, more cardboard inside has to go first. Then I can remove the contents and note what they are as I go. Of course I am doing this by the television in the corner connected to the Wii as it’s also where the Wii Fit Balance board is kept.

Speaking of the Balance board, the first thing I pull out is the Stepper extension. It looks sort of like two sets of computer stands jigsawed together. The purpose of the Stepper extension is to go beneath the Balance board. It raises it up higher which makes using the board for step exercises more sensible. It’s also makes doing the step exercises a bit more challenging as well as providing a more secure base for the board.

Stepping Up in the World

A tiny instruction sheet comes with the Stepper extension, but it’s pretty obvious how the hubs line up on it with the corresponding ones on the Wii Fit balance board. So I take a moment to put it on - literally just a few seconds are all that was needed - and put the combined Balance board and Stepper extension back into position for use later on. Since the Stepper extension holds on by gravity, the easiest way is to put the Stepper extension down first (with the gray non-mar pads facing down) and stretch out the two sides. Then you just line up the hubs of the Balance board with the Stepper extension and that’s it

Stepper extension

Grab it, Bag It


Next out of the box is the green and white carrying bag. Now this is really nice - I can use it to hold everything that I’m taking out. There even looks like there is room for the Stepper extension should I choose to put it in there for storage (rather than leaving it on the Balance board). It’s made out of plastic and netting and has cardboard inserts on the side to make it more sturdy. What I really like is that the zipper that goes the length of the bag looks like it can take some heavy duty use. That’s really good, because if the zipper breaks the bag is basically rendered useless.

Roll on Over

Getting back to emptying the box, I take out an exercise mat - no surprise that it matches all of the other components in that it’s green. It’s a one person width and not quite 6 feet long in length. It’s also made of some kind of stretch, sticky plastic that clings to itself. This makes it really easy to roll it back up after use.

More is Just Enough

The last package to come out of the box seems to be a few items bubble wrapped together. There’s a little pedometer, which is obvious in what it does, and wrist weights that can also be used on ankles. Velcro holds them in position and they’re pretty light. So if you already have a pair of wrist or ankle weights, you’ll probably want to continue using them rather than these. Of course the ones you have don’t match the colors of the other devices, but there’s always something I guess.


The final items consist of a velcro-held armband holder which can hold the Wii remote (a better alternative than sticking it in a pocket, especially when your exercise shorts don’t come with pockets), and a leg cup to hold the Nunchuk secondary remote (again using velcro to stay in position). A lanyard empties out the box - using it to hold a MP3 player is what the point of it is. But I’m not too sure I’d like the way my iPod would be bouncing around attached to it. If I get an audio extension cord to use with my earbuds, I bet I could probably put the iPod inside of the Nunchuk holder instead. So for now, the lanyard goes into the bag, along with the pedometer, the weights, the armband and ankle cup holders and the mat (which had to be jiggled a bit to fit inside).

Time to Get Serious

I guess that is the whole point of exercise equipment, be it something like the Wii Fit Balance board or accessories like the Stepper extension, the exercise mat or the weights. It’s all about making the time spent more productive and keeping the strain of exercising off the mind and on the body (as it were). You could probably cobble together the various things that are in the Elite Fitness Pack, but it’s a lot easier having them all together for use (and having that bag to keep them in too). It’s definitely worth the price when the alternative is less exercise and a flabby body instead.