Review of the NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station Wii Accessory

Review of the NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station Wii Accessory
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As a Wii owner, chances are that once you pick up your Wiimote, you find it extremely difficult to put down. Then, twenty five or so hours later, you find yourself shaking it futilely, losing more hope with every button you push as the screen declares that it has lost contact with the controller. Oh no, time to invest in some more AA’s!

Luckily for you, now that NYKO’s Wii Charge Station has arrived on the Wii accessory scene, the need to run to the corner store to feed your Wiimote’s AA battery fix is a thing of the past. The product comes with a charge station with room for two Wiimotes, two NiMH battery packs, and two special rubberized grips. One battery pack will replace both AA batteries in a Wiimote, and the rubberized grip is required so that four contact points on the controller can be cradled in the charge station.

How the NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station Works

In action, the NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station uses a simple LED light color scheme to let you know which Wiimote is ready (green light), and which Wiimote is still getting its juice (blue light.) And, even though NYKO is not affiliated with Nintendo, the product’s aesthetic matches the Wii in every way, so it won’t stick out like a sore thumb (or an Xbox controller) in your entertainment stand.

Dedicated Wii players have inevitably noticed that, factoring in the cost of those little AA batteries, Wii playing can become an expensive hobby very quickly. But now you can pick up a NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station at most gaming stores and on Amazon for about $25. It’s a solid investment – you’ll make up the price after just a few Wii Tennis marathons.

Benefits of the NYKO Wii

With the NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station, not only are you saving money you could be spending at the Wii Shop Channel, you are saving the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans purchase nearly 3 billion dry-cell household batteries every year, and even though they are recyclable, most are disposed of in landfills, releasing mercury, silver, cadmium, lithium, or other toxic heavy metals into the environment.

The NYKO Wii Charge Station is not a Nintendo product, so don’t expect to cash in on your warranty if something were to happen to one of your Wiimotes in the charging process. Also, it can sometimes be difficult align the contact points on the controller with the contact points on the charging stations, and you will definitely have to remove your plastic Wii cover before charging. Fortunately, the LED lights let you know if charging is in progress, so generally all you have to do is jiggle the Wiimote in its cradle until it aligns just right.

It saves you money, protects the environment, and fits right in with the look of your Wii. And, unlike some other Wii accessories that are only useable for a game or two, the NYKO Wii Remote Charge Station is useful every time you turn on the console.