Review of Wii Wheel & Base Set by Verge: Looking for a Good Steering Wheel for Nintendo Wii?

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Do you enjoy tearing through Mario Kart using the Wii Wheel, but find that your arms keep getting worn out during extended play sessions? A little-known third-party manufacturer named Verge has the answer, and it’s called the Wii Racing Wheel & Base Set.

Concept (5 out of 5)

So what makes this Wii accessory so great? Verge has put together a combo package that contains a modified wheel which can attach to an included base, which in turn can attach via suction cups to a hard surface. The results are phenomenal. Not only does it cut down on the inevitable arm exhaustion, but it also does a better job of simulating the act of driving an actual vehicle. There are no pedals, unfortunately, but in all other ways this in an excellent arcade-style driving control device.

Ease of Assembly (5 out of 5)

The kit itself does require a bit of assembly, but it isn’t anything too strenuous. The wheel and the base are two separate pieces. First, you’ll need to pop your Wiimote into the center of the wheel. This couldn’t be easier. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is making sure the top of the remote points towards the clear casing on the shell, otherwise it won’t fit quite right and you may have some issues with moving the icon around.

Once the remote’s in, you then attach the wheel to the base, which again is a simple operation. You open a clamp, set the wheel into the base, then close the clamp around the Wiimote. It secures over the “+” and “-” keys and in no way interferes with any buttons on the remote (though it does cover the speaker somewhat). You pull up on the top part of the base to set the wheel in place, and you can adjust the brace, sliding it forward to make it more secure if you wish. Even technological neophytes should have no trouble whatsoever getting this device up and running.

Ease of Use (4 out of 5)

As mentioned above, this wheel-and-base device is a fantastic alternative to Nintendo’s own Wii Wheel, which requires you to hold it in the air during gameplay. It is much more user-friendly, especially if you want to play for more than a half-hour at a time. Two minor gripes keep me from awarding this Bright Hub’s highest score, though. The first is that the clasp securing the wheel to the base can occasionally come undone. The second is that the suction cups are really strong, which is a positive when you’re actually playing the game, but a huge negative when you’re trying to put the accessory away.

Overall Rating (5 out of 5)

Any way you slice it, the Verge Wii Racing Wheel & Base Set is an incredible deal. I got mine on clearance for about $7, or half the price that the Nintendo-branded wheel runs at some retailers. Even at its most expensive and the official Wii Wheel’s cheapest, the two devices are both around $10 new, which makes the included base in the Verge kit essentially a free pack-in item. This accessory offers incredible value for money, especially in light of the other previously mentioned advantages it has over the Nintendo wheel. Definitely, if you want a more realistic, easier to use remote casing for Mario Kart or other Wii racing games, definitely pick up the brilliant Verge Racing Wheel & Base Set.