The Pros and Cons of Buying a Generic Wii Wheel

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The generic Wii wheels from companies like DreamGear, Intec, and CTA will save you a few bucks. The least expensive ones I found were $9.99, but buying one used end up costing only $3.00 or $4.00.

The Wii wheel is thick and perfectly round, but some generic options are thinner or shaped differently. This could improve game play by keeping users from over-steering.

DreamGear offers a few color options if you want something more fun than plain white.


Generic brands are notorious for breaking or malfunction. Some generic Wii jackets have a reputation for tearing. Generic Wii battery packs can make it difficult to use Nintendo brand accessories like the Zapper or Wheel.

Some generic brands have little or no support. It can be very difficult to get help with a product that malfunctions, although some have pretty full websites, like DreamGear. If you buy generic, consider buying from a store with a good reputation for replacing products that break or malfunction.

You Wiimote might not fit properly into a generic wheel. Some generics are only made to fit their own accessories and Wiimotes. Double check the packaging to make sure that it will fit. Check for guarantees and manufacturer contact information.

Generic companies don’t always ship internationally. If you live out of the country that the generic Wii wheel manufacturer is based in, you may not even be able to get one.

Other Considerations

The Nintendo Wii Wheel can be purchased for around $15.00. Generic versions are around $10.00. If you just want to save a few dollars, then go with a generic version. Generic Wii products can usually be bought in bundled packages. These packs can save you a good amount of money if you’re in the market for multiple accessories. However, if you want the Nintendo brand backing your product, then spend the little bit extra and buy a Nintendo Wii Wheel.