The Basics of Warhammer Online Mastery Trees

What Are Masteries?

Well, basically, Masteries are the “talent trees” for Warhammer Online. These give players a way for them to specialize their character’s career path and each different career offers three Mastery trees to choose from. These Masteries offer players a great way to push their character in a specific area of game play, such as more healing power, better DoT (damage over time) abilities, and even increased durability. Each different Mastery tree offers three different paths and as characters level, they are allowed to gain more skills and abilities through these Mastery trees to help their character.

Special Abilities

In each different tree, as the character levels up in rank, they also are allowed to progress through the Mastery tree that they have chosen by spending Mastery Points that they earn as they level through the game. This means that they’ll also gain new abilities on top of the normal skills and abilities that they will get from their trainers. Now, the special abilities that are gained from the Mastery trees are meant to help improve on the structure that you already have going for your toon with their normal skills. They do this by granting bonuses to the player, but they don’t offer any type of improvement on weapon proficiency or equipment. These Mastery talents are meant to help or enhance the normal abilities, not to supplement them.

When it comes to spending your Mastery Points, you want to check to see which Mastery path will offer you the best skills for your playing style. You can actually dump all of your Mastery Points into one specific tree, or you can choose instead to branch out and learn from them all. Keep in mind that the more you spend in one area will only heighten those skills and they will continue to build upon those skills alone, while spreading out your points will allow you a mix of skill that won’t grow as strong. Of course, you cannot fill out all three Mastery trees, so you will want to choose carefully as it will cost you money to redo them.

Gaining Mastery Points

As you level through the game, you will gain Mastery Points that you can spend toward your trees. By the time that you reach level 40, you will have earned 25 Mastery Points, and you can completely max out one Mastery tree at 15 points. You start earning these Mastery Points at level 15 and gain 1 point for each rank that you rise.

In the next part of this series, we’ll start to go through each career’s Mastery trees, starting with the Black Orc.