Skyrim Guide to Finding Daedric Quests and Artifacts

Skyrim Guide to Finding Daedric Quests and Artifacts
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Azura - Azura’s Star

As one of the marginally “good” Daedra, Azura is also one of the most well-known among players of the Elder Scrolls games. She cursed the Dark Elves, making them what they are now, and helped turn you into the Nerevarine in Morrowind.

Quest - The Black Star

Talk to the staff of the inn in Whiterun about rumors until someone mentions Azura’s Shrine. You’ll then be able to spot it on your map to the southeast of Winterhold. Upon arriving at said shrine, you’ll want to converse with the Dunmer woman there.

You have a choice with this one. Side with the mage to get the Black Star, capable of holding only humanoid souls, or you can have Azura herself restore the star to its former glory. If you chose Azura’s method, her priestess Aranea will offer to be your Follower.

Boethiah - Ebony Mail

Boethiah can be found by finding either the Boethiah’s Proving book (either laying about in a dungeon or on a dead cultist) or the shrine itself. Either way, you’ll have to be at least level 32 to undertake this mission.

Quest - Boethiah’s Calling

Upon arriving at the Sacellum of Boethiah, chat with the cultists there. You’ll be given a dagger and instructions on how to use it. The plot is to trick a follower into going to the shrine with you and using the sacrificial pillar. Once he has done so, he’ll be immobilized and you will have to kill him. It sounds easy enough, right?

However, Boethiah isn’t quite done. You and the other cultists are now effectively in a “cage match,” and only the last man standing will earn the reward. Once you have completed this task, you’ll be told that there’s one last favor required of you.

Take the stealthiest possible approach to Knifepoint Ridge and eliminate all the bandits outdoors before entering the mine. Make sure you loot the Ebony Mail from the former champion’s dead body inside; you don’t complete the quest until you actually equip it.

Clavicus Vile - Masque or Rueful Axe


This is one of the Daedric quests that gives you a choice in rewards along with a choice in methods. If you’ve attained level 10, you can start the quest by speaking with the Imperial soldier at the entrance to Falkreath.

Quest - A Daedra’s Best Friend

Article ImageYou’re going to have to take out some vampires in order to follow Barbas to the shrine. Once you get there, talk to Clavicus and learn that he wants you to retrieve the Rueful Axe from Rimerock Burrow. When you return with it, Clavicus is ready to deal. Make him take his dog, Barbas, back, and he’ll give you the masque. Use the axe on the dog and he’ll let you keep the weapon, instead.

Hermaeus Mora - Oghma Infinium

This is the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and he – or it – does not assume a human form. Completion of his quest rewards the Oghma Infinium, a book of knowledge that will permanently boost your stats.

Quest - Discerning the Transmundane

This quest only becomes available to you after you have completed the Elder Knowledge quest in the main story line. If you’ve already done so and don’t have the Daedric quest, head back to Mzark and retrieve the runed cube from the control panel that gave you access to the Elder Scroll.

The quest involves collecting blood from each “Mer” race. Don’t forget that Orcs are formerly called “Orsimer,” and that the Falmer are also descended of Elves. There is no way to save Septimus from his fate, but you do now have the book.

Hircine - Ring or Savior’s Hide

Hircine is the Daedric Prince of the Hunt and is linked to werewolves in the Elder Scrolls lore. Complete his quest if you want either his Savior’s Hide or Ring of Hircine. Hint - players with lycanthropy will prefer the ring.

Quest - Ill Met by Moonlight

Trigger this quest by visiting the graveyard in Falkreath and talking to Mathies. Confront Sinding and offer to remove his curse for him. Beware: relieving him of the ring will plant it firmly on you, and you’ll have to deal with random werewolf turnings until the quest is over. At the end of the quest, you can choose to side with Sinding or Hircine, leading to the reward.

Malacath - Volendrung


The patron Daedra of the Orcs, Malacath is known for his enchanted ebony warhammer, Volendrung. Players who like using two-handers will want to trigger this quest as soon as possible upon reaching level 9.

Quest - The Cursed Tribe

You’ll be looking for the Orc stronghold of Largashbur, southwest of Riften. Help the Orcs take down the giant and take it from there. You’ll then be sent out on a fetch quest for some Alchemy ingredients. Return to quest-giver and you’ll find out that Yamarz has fallen out of Malacath’s favor. You can help with that.

Yamarz will die during the course of this quest, either by your hand or by that of another giant. No matter, the warhammer will be your reward regardless how you choose to complete the quest.

Mehrunes Dagon - Mehrune’s Razor

Mehrunes Dagon featured prominently in the last Elder Scroll game, Oblivion, and his Razor had its own DLC expansion. In Skyrim, the Razor lies in pieces and it’s up to you to reclaim and reforge them.

Quest - Pieces of the Past

Once you hit level 20, you’ll be greeted by a courier bearing a museum pamphlet for you at some point in your travels. Head off to Dawnstar and meet Silus, the museum’s curator. Guess who he wants to go find Article Imagehis ancestral artifact? Dagon turns the tables on Silus, however, and just like in several other Daedric quests, your buddy must die for you to reap the reward. You weren’t really all that attached to Silus, anyway.

Mephala - Ebony Blade

This Daedric Prince, known as the Webspinner, is often considered one of the least evil. That’s not the same as being “good,” but it’s about as close as Daedra get. Mephala wants you to have her Ebony Blade.

Quest - The Whispering Door

You can trigger this quest quite early in game by chatting up the barkeep in Whiterun’s Bannered Mare tavern. The rumor mill will direct you to the Jarl who complains of his youngest son’s recent oddbehavior. Work through this quick and easy quest to earn the blade, and keep in mind that you can pickpocket a necessary key off a certain court wizard, should you desire to leave him alive.

Meridia - Dawnbreaker


Meridia is the Daedric Prince of Life; as such, all forms of undead offend her greatly. That’s why she wants you to clear the Shades out of her shrine. She’s willing to give you the Dawnbreaker sword if you’ll do it.

Quest - The Break of Dawn

Trigger the quest after reaching level 12 by finding her statue, west of Solitude. The beacon you need will be placed in a random dungeon; find it and bring it back to gain entrance to Meridia’s internal shrine. Activate the beacon inside at every opportunity and the sword will be yours in no time.

Molag Bal - Mace of Molag Bal

This is one of the more interesting of the Daedric quests in Skyrim. Molag Bal’s Mace is a nice weapon to have and includes the Soul Trap enchantment.

Quest - The House of Horrors

Trigger the quest by roaming Markarth until you hear or are invited into a conversation about an Abandoned House. Agree to help investigate and the path through this quest will soon become very clear. One dead priest later – or is it two? – and you’ll be the proud owner of the Mace of Molag Bal. Now that was simple.

Namira - Ring of Namira

When you think of Namira, think of spiders. Namira is willing to give you her ring, which confers a rather interesting ability. While wearing the ring, you can feed on corpses to gain a boost to both your health pool and regeneration.

Quest - The Taste of Death

This quest is triggered by venturing into Markarth’s Understone Keep. Enter the Hall of the Dead from in here and you’ll run into Brother Verulus. Agree to help him and you’ll soon meet Eola. Follow her directions in clearing Reachcliff cave of the Draugr and she’ll have a great suggestion for a feast. Bring the priest back to her and – well, you’ll see. Gross.

Peryite - Spellbreaker

The Daedric Prince of Pestilence and Disease is willing to hand over his Spellbreaker shield. If you’re into such things, you’ll love this one. It includes a spell absorption effect that can be rather handy.

Quest - The Only Cure

Article Image You’ll have to find Peryite’s shrine to get started; it’s northeast of Markath on a mountain path. Upon your arrival, you’ll be asked for incense ingredients in order to commune with the Daedra. Agree and procure the items necessary to learn that Peryite really wants a certain elf dead. The elf in question is in a Dwemer ruin, so expect mechanicals. However, you’ll also have to deal with the diseased “Afflicted.” Double gross.

Sanguine - Sanguine Rose

This is the one Daedric Prince you’d expect to have an awesome quest. Unfortunately, he does not. The mission for his Sanguine Rose staff can be triggered at level 14 and is rather disappointing.

Quest - A Night to Remember

Visit the Bannered Mare in Whiterun and hook up with Sam Guevenne. Agree to his drinking contest and – oh, hey, what are you doing here in the Temple of Mara? You’re in Markarth? How? Why?

It doesn’t really matter. Agree to help clean up the place and the priestess will send you to Rorikstead. Talk to the farmer there and take his advice to head back to Whiterun. Ysolda will tell you that you owe her money, something about a wedding ring. Pay her back for it and she tells you that the ceremony was to be held in Morvunskar.

Work your way through this dungeon and eventually you’ll locate a portal. Step through, laugh with Sanguine, take the staff, and where was the fun supposed to be?

Sheogorath - Wabbajack


The Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath also had his own show back in Oblivion. His Wabbajack can be counted on for quite a few giggles, so if you’re so inclined, read on.

Quest - The Mind of Madness

You can trigger this quest by visiting Solitude. Locate the old guy wandering around and chat him up. He’ll give you the Hip Bone of Pelagius. If you’ve read the in-game books, you already know that guy was a nutter.

Follow your quest marker to the closest person with a key to the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace and then make your way inside. You’ll be teleported into the mind of Pelagius. Head in and use the Wabbajack provided to zap 1) the Atronach’s controllers, 2) the sleeping Pelagius and then each person or creature summoned three times, and 3) both the big and small fighting Pelagius figures until they have switched images.

Vaermina - Skull of Corruption

This Daedric Prince is well known for her Skull of Corruption and she’s willing to let you have it. The Skull in Skyrim can be charged by using it on a sleeping person which causes it to do more than double damage.

Quest - Waking Nightmare

Trigger the quest in Dawnstar. You’ll want to talk to Erandur in the inn about the troubles sleeping that the townspeople have been having. Agree to help and follow him to the temple. As in several other daedric quests, you’re going to have to sell out your buddy if you want the reward. Kill Erandur for the Skull, or agree to let him destroy it and he’ll become a follower.


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  • Quest information taken from the Xbox 360 port of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim