Oblivion Walkthrough - Imperial City Side Quests - Unfriendly Competition

Oblivion Walkthrough - Imperial City Side Quests - Unfriendly Competition
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Imperial City Side Quest - Unfriendly Competition

This is a fairly quick but rewarding quest inside the Imperial City Market District. You can get it by talking to Jensine at “Jensine’s Good-as-New.” A few other merchants will also mention it to you, but they’ll just point you toward Jensine to get the real quest. She’ll talk about the established merchant society and mention that Thoronir both refuses to join and has unrealistically low prices. She has a nice reward ready for you if you can figure out what shady business he’s up to.

Go to the Copious Coinpurse and talk to Thoronir. He’ll obviously deny everything, so we need to do a little spying. Note that you don’t actually have to follow him. He’ll either take a walk or sit down and drink for awhile. On that note, since you know he’s gone, feel free to rob him blind to kill some time.

After a few hours (usually around midnight or so), he should go to garden area by his shop. Once again, you don’t have to follow him or sneak. He’ll be there for awhile with his partner and you can trigger the important information by stepping into the middle of the little courtyard. The important thing is that you now know who his supplier is. This new guy, Agarmir, will just go home. Either follow him or kill a few hours and go to the marker.

Our new mission is to get inside his hom

Oblivion Walkthrough - Unfriendly Competition - Killing Agarmir

e, which is pretty straightforward. You physically can’t go inside his house while he’s inside. He bars the door. Just wait in hour increments for him to leave. He usually leaves for awhile during the middle of the day. If you can lockpick the door, then he isn’t home.

There isn’t much great loot, so let’s stay focused on the quest. Go down into his basement to find a bunch of very incriminating stuff. It seems that Thoronir’s stuff isn’t just stolen, but it’s been looted from nearby graves. Loot what you want for yourself, but make sure that you grab the “Macabre Manifest” off of his desk. That’s the evidence that we need for Thoronir. Take it and walk back.

Go to the Copious Coinpurse or just track Thoronir down and show him the manifest. He’s legitimately shocked to learn about Agarmir’s activities and he’s willing to help. Thoronir is going to take care of things with Jensine while you track down Agarmir. There’s a tomb he’s supposed to be raiding in the Palace district, so go there. Make sure that you’re armed and ready to fight.

Once you go inside, walk forward and wait for him to approach you. Agarmir will reveal that it’s an ambush, but it’s not much of an ambush. Agarmir is fairly tough and uses a unique enchanted sword, Debaser. He also has an armed bodyguard with him, although he’s nothing special. Keep up your block and cut him up or use some spells. Nothing too tricky, if you stick to the entrance or the stairs then you should be able to face them one at a time.

Loot their bodies to get some decent gear and the key to leave the Mausoleum. Make sure that you grab Debaser too. Even if you don’t want it, it’s worth a whole lot. There’s also a mace hidden in here behind one of the graves. Loot behind the grave of Calliben Trentius to grab it. Once again, it’s valuable even if you don’t want to use it.

Walk back and talk to Thoronir. He’ll reward you with the Weatherward Circlet, a nice ring with good resistance properties (which depend partially on your level). At high levels it grants great resistance, although most people probably won’t want to wait.

Don’t forget to officially close out the quest by talking to Jensine. She’ll confirm that Thoronir is making amends and reward you with some gold. This officially ends the quest.

Imperial City Side Quest - Imperial Corruption

Imperial City Side Quests - Imperial Corruption - Sympathetic Guard Itus Hayn

This is a quick quest and actually quite unrewarding. I’m not sure why you would actually seek it out, other than roleplaying.

You should hear about this through street conversation or rumors in Imperial City. Someone should mention a corrupt Imperial Watch captain. There are only three people that you can actually talk to about this one. Note that you need to talk to one of the beggars that witnessed it first. There are two. Ruslan and Luronk gro-Glurzog both saw the shakedown at Jensine’s. They tend to hang around the Temple District, although they do walk around the city. I found Luronk in the Market District.

To find out more, you can talk to Jensine at “Jensine’s Good as New Merchandise.” You’ll probably need to get her disposition up by a lot. Bribe her a bit or use a charm spell until she’s willing to talk about the Imperial Corruption. She’ll give you a name and point you in the right direction to solve the problem.

The corrupt Imperial Guard captain is Audens Avidius. Don’t try to talk to him, he’ll just put a bounty on your head and attack you. You need to talk to a captain of the Imperial Guard. You can get a marker by talking to a guard and asking them about the corruption. They’ll point you toward Heironymus Lex (or his replacement Servatius Quintilius). It doesn’t matter though, s

Oblivion Walkthrough - Imperial Corruption - Audens Avidius

ince they’ll just pass the buck to another captain, Itius Hayn.

Talk to him and he’ll explain that he needs two real witnesses to file a complaint and be willing to testify before he’ll arrest Audens. This is pretty easy. Jensine will flat out refuse, so just leave her alone. Ruslan and Luronk just need to have a high disposition for you to convince them. Give them a few bribes or use some charm spells or the speech game to convince them to testify.

They’ll walk over to Itius the next day and file a complaint. You can keep an eye on them if you want, but it’s not necessary. He will then walk over to Audens and arrest him. Again, you can follow him and watch the arrest or just not pay attention. That’s actually it for the quest. The last notable thing is that if you’re above level 5, Audens will escape in 10 days and track you down in just his prisoner garb and try to kill you. He’ll even follow you into really deep dungeons, castles, any town or even Oblivion. Just cut him down with a few hits (he’s not armed or armored) to officially end the quest.

Imperial City Side Quest - An Unexpected Voyage

Oblivion Walkthrough - An Unexpected Voyage - Ormil at the Bloated Float

This is actually a pretty easy mission if you go in expecting a fight.

To start it, go to The Bloated Float in the Imperial Waterfront. It’s the large boat serving as an inn, if you haven’t been there before. Go ahead and pay for a bed and walk down into the lower sleeping quarters and sleep for a bit. When you wake up, the ship should be adrift and the quest will start. If not, just count to five and go back to sleep. There’s a slight delay for the quest’s trigger to active, so you probably just ran down to the bedroom too quickly.

When you leave your bedroom, you’ll run right into Lynch. Go ahead and talk to him until he attacks. The quarters are a little tight, so mages may have a little difficulty. Everyone else should be fine though. Just keep blocking and counter his attacks to cut him down. Loot his body for the key you need and unlock the supply closet area to find the bouncer. It seems that he’s not going to be any physical help, but he’ll take care of the ship once we clear it.

Go up to the bar to run into Minx. You’ve got a little more room up her and plenty of natural bottlenecks, so it should be easy to kill her. Loot her body for the next key. Go up to the Upper Deck. A man called Wrath is here. Once again, you just have to kill him. Do so and get the key to the Captain’s Cabin. Go ahead and tell Graman that the coast is clear and he can start steering you back to port.

Open Ormil’s cabin to find the bandit leader, Selene. You have an option here. You can convince her to surrender or just kill her. The result is roughly the same, since she surrenders her s

Imperial City Side Quests - An Unexpected Voyage - The Bandits on The Bloated Float

word regardless of what you do.

If you want to get her to surrender, tell her that you got the key from Wrath, that you want to join the gang, that they came up with the idea three months ago, that they’re looking for the Golden Galleon, the meeting point is Bravil and that you know all this because you already killed her gang. This path will keep her calm and realize that she’s outgunned.

If you plan to fight her, note that her weapon is enchanted and she’s a tough fighter in tight quarters. Keep your guard up and be careful not to hit Ormil.

If she surrendered, walk her down to the spare room to detain her. Talk to Ormil to learn the truth about the Golden Galleon. You can just go back to sleep in your room to wait until the ship makes it back to port. Talk to Ormil on your way out to receive your reward.

Imperial City Side Quest - Order of the Virtuous Blood


Oblivion Walkthrough - Imperial City Side Quests - Finding Roland Jenseric - The Love Letter

his side quest in the Imperial City will let you add a new faction to your accomplishments and let you earn a fairly ridiculous amount of money early in the game. You can get this quest by going to the Imperial City Temple District and waiting around for a few hours. Note that you need to be slightly famous to get it. The magic number seems to be fame>5. If you’re just starting out, do a few fights in the arena to bring it up really quick.

If you wait in the Temple district, a messenger (Ralsa Norvalo) will tell you to go meet Seridur in his house. Just go over and you should find him waiting for you in the front room. Talk to him and follow him down to the basement to find their headquarters. The Order of the Virtuous Blood is an organization set up to find vampires. It seems that Seridur witnessed a vampire attack in the city and he’d like for you to hunt down the suspect, Roland Jenseric. Just walk over to his house (it’s right next door) and break in quietly. You can steal whatever you want. There’s some Skooma and a few nice potions on the bar in the basement along with some expensive stuff in the bedroom. The quest just needs you to look at the love letter sitting on the book on the table by the entrance. It talks about a cabin that he owns, so that’s probably a good place to check.

Just go to the east of the Imperial City to find Roland Jenseric’s Cabin. Go inside and speak to him. He really doesn’t look like a vampire, so talk to him. He’ll tell you that Seridur is the real vampire. If you want, you can stick with Seridur and just kill Roland for a simple reward and no membership to the faction. There is no reason to kill Roland Jenseric. Tell him that you don’t want to kill him and ask him for more information. He’ll point you to Phintias at First Edition. Talk to the bookstore owner and bribe him a bit to get his disposition up. He’ll then mention that Seridur is probably in Memorial Cave.

This is pretty easy to handle, but go in ready for a full fight. Memorial Cave has a few leveled undead creatures and a number of vampires. The vampires will vary depend on their class, but all of them tend to use Chameleon to make the fight more annoying. For the most part, you just need to fight them normally. Fire magic and enchantments will do a lot of damage to them, so keep that in mind if you’re having trouble. Also, make sure that you pick up all of the vampire dust that you can. Each dead vampire should have some on them. It will be very valuable in a moment.

Imperial City Side Quests - Finding Seridur in Memorial Cave for the Order of the Virtuous Blood

Seridur is in a small room off to the back. You can stick to the raised path on the right to reach him fairly quickly. Talk to Seridur to confirm your suspicions. After everything that you’ve killed to get to him, it shouldn’t be any challenge for you to finish him off. Once he’s dead, just backtrack out of Memorial Cave and travel to Roland Jenseric’s cabin to tell him the good news. He’ll run back to the Order of the Virtuous Blood to tell them the truth and take Seridur’s place as the leader.

Go to Seridur’s house and meet up with Roland in the basement to become a member of the Order of the Virtuous Blood and receive your reward. The Ring of Sunfire is quite good, especially for the nice “Reflect Spell” enchantment. The big reward is your status though. Roland will now pay a bounty of 250 gold for any vampire that you kill. This should mean at least 1000 gold just from Memorial Cave. If you’re a big explorer, you’ll earn a borderline game-breaking amount of money from just a few dungeon dives.

Also, since you were just fighting a bunch of vampires, check to see if you’re infected with Porphyric Hemophilia. If you are, you need to drink a Cure Disease potion or pray at a church within the next three days (or just don’t go to sleep, since the conversion only happens if you sleep). If you’d actually like to become a vampire, well, we have an Oblivion vampirism guide for that.

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