Elder Scrolls IV Walkthrough – Dark Brotherhood – Broken Vows and Final Justice


Note that at this point the Dark Brotherhood missions undergo a major shift. Everything actually undergoes a major shift. I won’t completely spoil it, but note that the Dead Drops notes are quite different, your targets are different and they have some “interesting” things around some of their homes and camps. We’ll figure this one out eventually, but there isn’t anything that you can do about it. Just follow the path and enjoy the fat paydays for some very simple kills.

Broken Vows

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Broken Vows and J'Ghasta

This is easy. You can pick up the dead drops orders out of the well at Skingrad Castle. Our target, J’Ghasta is a master boxer and fighter living in solitude in Bruma. Note that he isn’t even officially in his house. He spends all of his time in his secret training room below his house.

He is a very tough target. If you’re wearing heavy armor, then you can probably just wade in and kill him in a standard fight. He’s a hand-to-hand fighter and he can really pack a punch and seems to have a lot of natural health and defense. Lightly armored people may want to take a different route.

The easiest thing to do is to break into his house at a little after midnight. Go down the steps and look for the marker above the covered trap door. Move or pick up the cloth and use the trap door to reach the secret training area. J’Ghasta should be sleeping on his bedroll in the corner. You can use an easy sneak attack to get the fight off to a good start, or go the assassin route.

You can reverse pickpocket a poison apple onto J’Ghasta. He at least eats breakfast each day and he doesn’t have much food down here. The only extra food should be in a barrel by the table. Take the food out of the barrel and leave him with just the poison apple. Wait until morning and you should receive a note that he’s dead. You can go back in to fully loot the house if you want.

The next dead drop is under the Old Bridge just outside of Imperial City. Just go to the marked box under the bridge to find your 500 gold coins and your next mission.

Final Justice

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Final Justice and Shaleez

This one is even easier if you know what to expect. Our target is a psychopath, Shaleez. She’s an Argonian living in the Flooded Mine to the north of Bravil. Just go to the mine and head inside. She spends most of her time swimming around the flooded mine. Note that while there are significant portions of the mine underwater, there are also a number of chambers where you can surface. Don’t feel like you have to bring a water breathing potion. Do bring a few healing potions, a few extra weapons and good armor though. Shaleez is a very tough fighter and there isn’t a real stealth way to reliably take her out.

The only real thing to note is that she’s a decent fighter and an Argonian. If you fight her underwater, you run the risk of drowning. Make sure that you fall back or advance to a chamber with air. You can then stick to the surface and fight her. Shaleez’s weapon seems to be quite good at breaking weapons, so have a few backup weapons. I had a lot of luck with the normal Blade of Woe. As long as you equipment doesn’t break, you should be able to just wear her down in a fairly normal fight.

If you just can’t make this work, then you can always repeat the stealth options. Shaleez has a camp in the back of the cave and should be asleep by midnight. Start sneaking as you leave the water and either launch a sneak attack (remember that you can also pickpocket both of her swords while she’s asleep) or put a poison apple on her and steal any food left around the camp.

Either way, a night attack is possible but probably not necessary.

Once Shaleez is dead, you can go to Fort Redman and get your payment and orders from the coffin outside of the entrance.

A Matter of Honor

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - A Matter of Honor - Alval Uvani

We’ve got another target, although this one is a wandering merchant. Alval Uvani travels across most of the game world throughout the week. He’ll visit Bravil, Skingrad, Bruma and finally his home in Leyawiin.

He is supposedly a master at Destruction magic, but he never seems to really use it in battle. In general, he just tries to attack you with a knife and is quite easy to kill.

For starters, if you immediately get a message that he’s dead and the mission is completed, then you got lucky. Alval Uvani legitimately travels the world from the start of the game. If you’ve triggered the spawning of Oblivion gates and also waited a bit for this quest, then some creature in the wild or a Daedra probably killed him on the road. Nothing that you can do about it and there’s no punishment. Just accept the free money and move on to the next kill.

Alval Uvani’s unique weakness is an allergy to honey, although I found that pretty pointless. It allows you to potentially paralyze him by removing all of the alcohol from a bar or his home and then replacing it with mead. Since it only paralyzes him, I don’t feel that it’s worth the effort.

You should be able to put a poison apple on him and clear out the food from his home and the inns in Bravil, Skingrad and Bruma.

It is possible to just ambush him in his house, but there’s a problem. You might not get a bounty, or you might just get an assault bounty, but he actually doesn’t always stay in his house. Alval gets held up on the road sometimes while traveling. If he falls behind in his schedule, then he usually just walks up to his door and immediately turns around to go to his next stop.

You can

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Killing Alval Uvani

probably just ambush him on the road while he’s walking between towns. You’ll need to wait for him to leave physically follow him out of town and down the road for that to work well though.

I had great luck with hitting him with a frenzy spell. I just used my “Touch of Rage” spell I picked up from M’raaj-Dar. Olav, Ongar and Gromm killed him in a side room of the Bruma bar.

So, you see that you have a lot of options. It basically just boils down to what you want to do. As I said, it seems like he doesn’t actually use his magic too often, so he’s not a tough target.

The next dead drop is in a hollowed-out stump in a garden in the Imperial City Market District. Pick up your reward and your next target.

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