Oblivion Walkthrough – Dark Brotherhood – The Coldest Sleep and A Kiss Before Dying

The Coldest Sleep

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - The Coldest Sleep - Havilstein Hoar-Blood

After all of the options for Alval Uvani, this is a nice straightforward mission. You just need to go up to a camp at Gnoll Mountain to the north of Bruma and kill Havilstein Hoar-Blood.

There is no real stealth option for this. You just have to clear out his camp. He’s got a trained wolf, called Redmaw, that acts as a 24 hour guard and it’s a little hard to approach the camp without being detected. It isn’t impossible, but it’s difficult and unrewarding.

You can follow the road to the north of Bruma and move up the snowy slope directly to reach his camp. I actually found Redmaw to be much more dangerous. Try to summon a creature, even a basic one, to act as a distraction. If you can’t, then focus on a few strong hits to kill the wolf and make it a fair fight.

Hoar-Blood is pretty simple as a fighter. He has a big axe and he’ll hit you with it. Keep up your shield and use a fast weapon, like a dagger, to slash him to death between his power strikes. He should actually die pretty quickly. Make sure that you steal his weapon and search his camp for some decent loot.

The dead drop for this one is actually a little weird. It’s inside a ruin, Nornal. Just go to the marked ruin. Note that you don’t have to go very far inside of it and you shouldn’t run into anything tougher than a rat or a basic bandit. Don’t go into the main ruin, unless you want to loot it while you’re here. Go into the flooded room on the right at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance and pick the lock on the gate. The chest behind the locked gate has your payment and next mission inside. Picking the lock doesn’t take any actual time, so don’t worry about running out of air. You should have plenty for this quick swim.

A Kiss Before Dying


Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - A Kiss Before Dying - Ungolim

his is another fairly easy one. Despite what the mission prompt says, there isn’t a “legit” way to stealthily kill him. Ungolim will attack you on sight and you have to have his key to enter his home.

There isn’t any benefit to it either. Just wait until 6 PM or later and approach Ungolim as he waits by the statue. He will attack on sight. The guards won’t care at all due to the earlier bribe and the townspeople will generally stay out of your way.

Ungolim is an archer and he has a few enchanted arrows that are fairly powerful. For the most part, you just need to corner him and attack him. Note that I’ve seen him basically teleport in two separate saves, so if he disappears, just follow the marker and find him again.

As always, a summoned creature can really help keep up the pressure, although most fighters will be fine just using a shield to block his arrows. Do try to be careful about swing again after he dies, because you certainly don’t want to hit your visitor…

Lucien Lachance will run up and force a conversation as soon as Ungolim dies. It seems that, shockingly (to anyone who didn’t pay attention to the targets, search the homes or just note the difference in handwriting on the dead drops), that we weren’t following Lucien Lachance’s orders. It seems like we just took out about half of the Dark Brotherhood in our little quest. Oops. Worse, it seems like they’re actually certain that Lucien is the real traitor. This means that we’re actually in no danger, for once, but that our contact is probably living on borrowed time.

It’s time to figure out who the traitor is.

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