Dark Brotherhood Help - Oblivion - Finding Lucien Lachance

Dark Brotherhood Help - Oblivion - Finding Lucien Lachance
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Dark Brotherhood - Finding Lucien Lachance

Fort Farragut isn’t that hard of a fortress to get into. Note that there are dark guardians inside the fortress and you will have to kill them in order to get into the bedroom at back for Lucien Lachance. Note that you don’t have to do this. I believe that you should be able to go around the back of the fortress and find the freakishly large tree. It has a visible hole in it. You can jump up into the hollow tree and use the trap door to reach Lucien directly.

The dark guardians are pretty good for experience though. You usually won’t have to face more than a few at a time and they carry fairly nice loot for your level.

Start out in the entrance hall. There’s usually one skeleton on top and another on the floor. Just keep your shield up and wear away at them. You can stay under the bridge to avoid the skeleton on top.

I suggest that you go through and stick to the route on the left. Watch out for the dart trap. Just try to sprint across it. There’s a hole in the floor, so watch out. If you can, jump over it. It’s a trap with spikes at the bottom. If you can’t make the jump, stick to the sides to avoid landing completely on the spikes. The ramp in this room will take you past the hole.

Just keep moving. You’ll wind up fighting another dark guardian or two and you’ll have to go past a dart trap. Flip the lever and go past the gate to talk to Lucien Lachance.

It seems that we have one very special mission. We have to kill every assassin at the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. Make sure that you pick the lock on the barrel by the alchemy table and grab the 10 poison apples from it (these respawn, if you want to get more later).

Dark Brotherhood - Purification - Introduction to Poison Apples

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Oblivion - Purification - Using Poison Apples

We have to wipe out the whole sanctuary for this one.

Note that you’re killing them for real. If you want to become a vampire through Vincinte Valtieri’s offer (Dark Gift) you have to do this now. Teinaava’s quest, Renegade Shadowscale, also has to be done before you purify the sanctuary. M’raaj-dar has a number of unique items, so if you’re interested you need to buy them now. His spells will only be on a temporary break though, since the replacement merchant will have them again at the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline.

Don’t worry too much though. It isn’t going to be too hard if you know what you’re doing. They won’t immediately go hostile if you attack one of them. It just costs you a bit of disposition with them. After enough attacks, the Dark Brotherhood will probably turn on you completely, but hopefully you will have killed a few of them by then. They tend to split up, so you should be able to divide and conquer easily. The Dark Guadian will also stay out of the fight if you don’t try to kill everyone in the main room.

That said, remember that they are skilled fighters and killers. Vincinte and Gogron are both quite skilled at general fighting and resistant to basic attacks. M’raaj-dar is incredibly skilled with magic and a very powerful hand-to-hand fighters. He’s a challenge just by himself. The rest aren’t too special in a straight fight, but you need to be careful.

I suggest that you make the Purification of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary as easy as possible. To facilitate this, put some poison apples to work. They are ideal for this mission. You can use poison apples by pickpocketing someone, switching your icon at the bottom (as if you were going to sell something) and then picking a poison apple from the alchemy section to give to them. Save before trying it. They won’t freak out if you are caught pickpocketing from them, but successfully doing the switch is worth it.

There isn’t too much food you need to recover from the environment. Just go into the living quarters and take all the meat and drinks off of the table and the vegetables and fruit off of the tops of the cupboards. If there isn’t anything for them to eat, they’ll go into their inventory and eat the poison apple.

Dark Brotherhood - Purifying the Cheydinhal Sanctuary

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Killing Ocheeva for the Purification

The most important one is killing Gogron. Gogron gro-Bolmog is one of the toughest fighters, so let’s take the easy way out. He’s also fairly easy to reverse pickpocket. He’ll sit down for a meal at the table later and drop dead.

Ocheeva, Teinaava and Antoinetta Marie can all be killed like this. Teinaava and Antonietta will eat at the table in the Living Quarters. Ocheeva eats in her private room (make sure that nothing is sitting on her plate.

These four are the easy ones. The rest are a little tricky since they don’t officially eat (I watched M’raaj-dar “eat” for awhile but he didn’t pick anything off of the table or have food in his inventory). Vincinte is a vampire. Telanendril wanders for too long and her scripting might get buggy.

Start with Vincinte, ideally on a day when Telanedril isn’t there. That will limit things a bit. Vampires in Oblivion aren’t vulnerable to garlic, but if you read the note in Vincinte’s desk you’ll find that he is very allergic to garlic personally. Antoinetta has been cooking with it a lot and has some in her personal chest by her bed (if you haven’t found some garlic already in random barrels).

If you reverse pickpocket garlic onto Vincinte, he will lose most of the benefits from being a vampire. That makes the fight a bit easier. You can just walk up to him while he’s asleep and start with a sneak attack. He’s a vampire, and therefore very vulnerable to fire. The basic flare spell took off massive chunks of health, so use that while you attack. He should die quickly.

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Killing Vincinte Valtieri with Garlic

M’raaj-dar is a tough one. The only real and fairly intuitive way to kill him is to ambush him. You can use a sneak attack while he rests or you can attack him while he’s training. He’ll be low on magicka during this time and therefore be less able to use magic against you. Note that his frost spells are really powerful, but he can also knock you down with a power hit. Be ready for a frustrating fight. If you’ve got good armor and he’s low on magicka, then he won’t pack much of a punch. Just grind him down and kill him.

Telaendril is on a special mission for Ocheeva. She goes to different areas and scouts for the Dark Brotherhood. At least for me, she refused to talk outside of the sanctuary. I personally suggest that you just wait inside the sanctuary until one of the days that she comes back. She’s an archer, so the tight spaces aren’t good for her. Just attack and back her into a corner while you slice away.

Once she dies, you’re finished with the quest. Make sure that you loot all the bodies for their unique gear and keys, then use those keys to also loot the personal chests by their bedsides.

When you’re ready, go back to Lucien Lachance and report your success. He’ll tell you about the new dead drop system. You need to walk out to the marked spot on Hero Hill to get your next mission.

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