Oblivion Walkthrough – Dark Brotherhood – Whodunit?

Whodunit? – Introduction

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Oblivion - Whodunit?

This is probably the most interesting of the Dark Brotherhood missions. Note that it’s actually really easy, if you want the five second guide. Everyone has almost no health. They should all die in one hit unless something fairly weird (and buggy) happens. You just have to make sure that no one has a line of sight on you when you kill them.

You only have to secretly kill three. If you get it down to two, and are friends with at least one of the people, then you can talk to your friend to convince them to strike out against the “assassin.” Then you just have to kill the lone survivor. Note that there are pairs where one person won’t attack the other (For example, since Nels sees Dovesi as his daughter, he refuses to believe that she’s the killer). Try talking to the other person to see if they don’t have the same concerns.

Pulling this off without anyone knowing that you’re the assassin will net you great bonus. You will receive the Night Mother’s Blessing Ability, which boosts Acrobatics, Blade, Marksmenship, Security and Sneak by two points each.

You don’t actually have to talk to any of the guests. You can just quietly ambush them while they’re alone. Note that magic is usually detected, so stick to knifes and blades.

Primo Antonius tends to just sit in his chair by the entrance. Dovesi Dran walks around the entrance hall too and talks to Primo. Matilde Petit wanders around the home for the most part. Neville tends to stay upstairs in the bedroom. Note that he’ll put on Legion armor after the first murder. You can prevent this by picking the lock on the Very Hard chest next to his bed and stealing the armor. Nels the Naughty stays rooted to the chair on the second floor and drinks the whole time.

Whodunit? – Killing the Guests

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Whodunit?

There are many different options. There are only a few special options for ambushes. If Dovesi is your friend, she’ll ask you if you think Primo likes her. Say yes and you can tell her to go upstairs and wait in his room. This offers an easy first kill. Matilde is a better choice though. If you talk to her and befriend her, you can talk to her again to agree to an alliance. This lets you suggest that the treasure is in the basement. Walk down into the basement and quietly kill her to start the chain of events.

Dovesi still has a special option. If she’s your friend, then you can talk to her a few times and bring up a special conversation. She’ll point out how rattled her nerves are by the murder. You can suggest that she rest, but the best option is to say nothing. Your calm demeanor convinces her that she’s getting too worked up, and that the logical thing to do is to go down into the basement for a quick meal to calm her nerves. You can kill her as she sits at the table in the basement.

That ends the special options for the most part. Nels is an easy target and Neville is usually all by himself upstairs. Attack either one. Talk to one of the survivors and convince them to kill the true “assassin.” After that’s done, you can finish the last survivor off. Get all your bribes back by looting the bodies and feel free to look around and loot the fairly well stocked house. There are plenty of books and ingredients. When you’re ready to leave, walk out the front door.

Go back to the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and report your success to Ocheeva. She’ll give you your reward and bonus. We’ve just got one more mission left for her.

Permanent Retirement – Killing Adamus Phillida

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Permanent Retirement

This is a quick one if you know what you’re doing. You need to assassinate an Imperial Guard Captain, Adamus Phillida. He just retired to Leyawiin. Unfortunately, he always wears thick guard armor and he has a personal bodyguard at his side for most of the day. We are allowed the use of the special Rose of Sithis for this mission though. Just hitting any unarmored portion of his body with this arrow will guarantee a kill. The bonus is basically a separate mission, so we’ll handle the finger delivery in a minute.

There are only a few real times to hit and one “proper” way to do it.

Rose of Sithis – The proper way is to follow him around in the early afternoon. He’ll walk up to a pond close to the castle at some point. You should be able to crouch at some point by the pond. There are several small alleys on the sides and a number of nice rocks. Just wait in one place for a moment and they should forget about you.

Use any bow and the Rose of Sithis and just wait. He takes his armor off to swim, so you just have to hit any part of him. Save before you take the shot and then get ready to run.

Barracks – If you can manage to sneak past his bodyguard on duty by the stairs (you’ll need Chamleon or Invisibilty), you can walk up to the bed where he’s sleeping and fire the Rose of Sithis into his face.

Ambush – You don’t have to kill him with the Rose of Sithis. He should occasionally walk out of the city to the Coast Guard Station. You can just attack Adamus Phillida and his bodyguard, if you can safely overpower them. This will probably get messy and result in a big bounty though.

There’s a rather unfortunate problem with the quest “Permanent Retirement.” Adamus Phillida can be killed with the Rose of Sithis from cover, and you’ll still get a 40 gold bounty for the assault. This is just because of the way that it works. The Rose of Sithis does arrow damage and then applies the poison. Adamus responds to the arrow damage and places a bounty on your head for assault, and he then dies from the poison. It’s possible to use an invisibility potion right after you fire the arrow to avoid detection, but the cost of the potion is higher than the bounty, so that seems a little pointless.

Worse, even if you are in no way responsible for the kill (if you manage to pull off a 0 bounty kill), his bodyguard will still attack you. This makes other allied guards join in. If you fight back, then you’ll rack up a lot of bounties. Try to yield. I had success with his bodyguard once. If you get a bounty from killing Adamus Phillida, you have two options. The first is to yield to a guard and surrender. Pay the 40 gold fine or spend a night in jail. You can just rob the evidence chest in the castle jail to get your stuff back.

You can also run if you’re in the Thieves Guild. The guards won’t follow you far out of the city, especially if you get into the water. Once you put a little distance between the two of you, fast travel to the Waterfront and talk to Armand Christophe to only pay 20 gold. You also need to be in Imperial City for the bonus, so it’s not a big deal.

Permanent Retirement – Putting the Finger in the Desk

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Permanent Retirement - Hiding Adamus Phillida's Finger

As I said, the bonus is a separate mission. Adamus Phillida’s finger is in the loot screen for his body. Take it along with all of his keys and go to the Imperial City Prison. Wait until midnight and go through the marked door. Your keys will open all the locks. There may still be a guard in here, since the scripting doesn’t always work. If so, go through the left door outside to the enter the office and open the connecting door to reach the right side and slowly sneak up behind him to open the desk. Open up the screen and put the finger into the desk. You’ll get a notice congratulating you on it. Note that you also have a key for the commander’s chest, which should have a fair bit of gold and some nice equipment in it.

Walk back out and report back to Ocheeva to get your large gold reward.

This is the last mission for Ocheeva. You’ll deal with Lucien Lachance from now on and things aren’t going to go so well for the Sanctuary.

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