Oblivion Walkthru – The Lonely Wanderer – Dark Brotherhood

The Lonely Wanderer – Finding a Quiet Spot

Dark Brotherhood - Oblivion - The Lonely Wanderer - Atraena

Ocheeva will pass this out as our first real mission. It’s actually pretty easy to do too. You just need to kill Faelien and not do it in a flashy assassination in the middle of the street.

Just go out to Imperial City and look around for elf. I talked to Methredhel personally, but I think just about anyone will work. They should point you toward the Tiber Septim Hotel in the Talos Plaza district. Faelien seems to spend a lot of time there drinking with his girlfriend. If you go there during the evening, you will find Faelin.

The problem is that the hotel isn’t a good place for a murder. There is always at least one person who’s awake and he’s staying with his girlfriend. Killing Faelien in the hotel, even if it’s done quietly, won’t look like a street crime. This means that you’ll forfeit the bonus.

You can talk to a few people to learn more about Faelien and his schedule. You can talk to people in the hotel to learn that Faelien became a skooma addict. That’s a decent start. They can also point you toward his girlfriend, Atraena.

You have two options here. You can talk to Faelien and ask him about skooma. He’ll offer to take you to a good spot so that you can do skooma together, if you bring him a bottle. If you already have some from general stealing or looting, you can give it to him now. If not, you can go to his contact in Bravil and buy some (or steal some from the Skooma Den in Bravil). You can also just pickpocket Faelien for a bottle of skooma, and hand it right back to him. He’ll give you a key to Lorkmir’s house and tell you come by in the afternoon.

The easier option is just talk to his girlfriend. Atraena stay in the Tiber Septim Hotel for most of the day. Talk to her and raise her disposition a bit. She’ll reveal that Faelien wanders off to Lorkmir’s house every afternoon to do Skooma.

I guess you could also just follow Faelien, but that feels a bit like cheating, since you’d have to follow him for awhile before he’d make it to Lorkmir’s house.

The Lonely Wanderer – Killing Faelien

Dark Brotherhood - Oblivion Walkthrough - Killing Faelien

Regardless of how you find out about Lorkmir’s house, go to it and get inside. Lorkmir is dead in the basement already (guess he and Faelien had a disagreement). This means that the house is an ideal murder zone. The house is already wrecked and there’s even another body in the basement. It will look like a drug related crime and the guard won’t have any reason to suspect the Dark Brotherhood.

Just wait in the house until it’s about noon. Start sneaking and slip behind Faelien for a stealth attack. As long as he doesn’t run outside, you should be fine.

Go back to the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and talk to Ocheeva. She’ll congratulate you and give you a well earned bonus and payment. Shadowhunt is a great bow, even if you aren’t an archer. We’ll actually need a good bow for a later mission, so hang onto this.

Bad Medicine – Switching the Medicine

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Oblivion - Bad Medicine

We’ve got another stealth mission for this one. We need to kill a mercenary captain, Roderick. He’s trying to fight off a serious illness in his mountain fortress. There are four guards protecting him. If any of them detect you (stealth kills don’t seem to count against you), then you lose the bonus and have to actually stab Roderick to death on his bed.

Note that while sneaking through doesn’t have to be too hard, if you do the timing right, it isn’t that necessary. If you have to forfeit one bonus for the Dark Brotherhood line, then this is it. Deceiver’s Finery isn’t a big deal. It just boosts your Personality and Speechcraft. Don’t worry if you can’t pull off the timing and have to kill the mercenaries.

Teinaava before the mission, he’ll tell you about a secret unguarded entrance to the fortress through the old abbey next door. I didn’t actually find this to be that useful though. It’s almost easier to just go through the front door and take the side routes.

Make sure that you’re in shrouded armor if you want to do a steatlh run, and try to travel light. Travel out to the Fort Sutch. It’s to the North of Anvil. Just walk right into the fort and through the front door.

There’s a guard ahead protecting the lever. Unless you have some good chameleon stuff on, you probably won’t be able to pull off a stealth kill. Instead, pick the lock on the gate to the right and go through the side route. Pick the next locked gate and look out.

There should be two guards down and to the left talking (we’d run right into them and have to wait if we took the abbey road). They’ll talk for awhile. If you move fast, then you can avoid them. There’s just one other guard on the left side of the room doing a circular patrol. Watch the left side and run straight across and up the ramp to reach Roderick’s bedroom area. Quickly follow the marker to the right to reach his medicine cabinet. Take out the good medicine and replace it with the poison. It will be in the miscellaneous section of your inventory. You can place objects by switching the icon at the bottom, just like you would if you were selling them.

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Switching Roderick's Medicine for Poison

Now, unless you were really quick, the two guards have split up and are moving forward to do their patrols. Walk right up to Roderick and look out. If the guard to the right is facing away, you can drop down and keep the ruined columns between you and the two returning guards. Drop down into the pit to escape their line of sight. You should be able to come up using the left “ramp” and exit through the locked gate at the top (or backtrack through the one you came through). If you take the locked gate, you just have to follow the flooded road back to the ladder and the abbey exit.

Once you leave the fortress, you’re home free. Go back to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and report your success to Ocheeva. She’ll give you your payment and the Deceiver’s Finery.

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