Oblivion Guide – Dark Brotherhood – Scheduled for Execution

Scheduled for Execution – Introduction

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Oblivion - The Landmark in the Sewers

We get a real challenge for this Dark Brotherhood mission and we get to kill one very deserving target.

Note that in order to get the reward you have to make it through the sewers beneath the Imperial Prison without killing a single guard (which means avoiding all the guards, since you can’t exactly yield to these guy). This Dark Brotherhood bonus is really worth it though. You will receive the Scales of Pitiless Justice. This gives two points to your Strength, Agility and Intelligence just by carrying it around. It takes two away from Personality, but that shouldn’t really matter. They’re nice to have if nothing else.

A big tip is to talk to the Dark Brotherhood merchant, M-raaj Dar. He has some decent gloves with a Chameleon enchantment and a spell for brief invisibility. You can also swing by an alchemist shop to pick up an Invisibility or Chameleon potion. I didn’t bother with this, but it would have made my run easier. The sewers are dark and favor basic Chameleon magic. It’s definitely not impossible for a non-stealth player to slip through the cracks undetected though (my new warrior with less than 25 points in Stealth did it successfully).

Vincinte Valtieri will give you a new key to the Imperial Prison Sewer entrance. This is the one that you leave through at the beginning of the game. Just fast travel there and open the door. The straight path is blocked by a gate, so go to the right and do a slight sewer jog. There should just be rats and mud crabs in this part, so just keep moving forward. Note that a few times you need to drop down into the water and go through the drains and tunnels to advance. You’ll know that you’re almost at the end when you go into a large circular room with a single passage over a ring of water.

Follow the marker to reach a ladder that will take you up to the level where you need to be.

Scheduled for Execution – Sneaking into the Prison


Oblivion Walkthrough - Sneaking into the Imperial Prison

ou’ll be able to hear two guards talking at some point. That’s when the real challenge begins. Do a hard save here and remember to use saves frequently throughout. It’s a tough mission and it’s hard to time stealth in here. Remember to take off heavy armor and use the Shrouded Armor for this run. You won’t have to fight anyone, so heavy armor is of no use.

There are a few chests in the walls but none of them are spectacular. Feel free to pick them for a fair bit of gold if you want. They aren’t necessary so I won’t point them out along the way.

Wait for the guards to stop talking and split up. The path on the right is interesting and worth visiting if you want some game story. The short version is that they did an autopsy and a heavy investigation into the assassins, but found no real leads. You can pick up the notes and books from the office/crime scene if you have a way to disappear briefly to get around the first guard.

If you’re not interested, stick to the left. This is the real passage and the one that we need. There’s just one guard ahead of us and he usually walks around the staircase and tends to wait in the darkness on a watch post for significant periods of time. You should be able to just sneak right up the stairs while his back is turned. Make sure you stay out of his field of vision by remaining on the right side and slipping back into the darkness as soon as possible.

Scheduled for Execution – The Last Guard

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Scheduled for Execution

Move forward again until you get to the next area. You’ll just have one more guard to slip past. Unfortunately, he uses a torch and does a pretty good patrol. It also seems to be fairly random. I know that he changed drastically between saves for me. Regardless, once you enter the large area with a center passage and two raised sections on the sides, you’ll find him. He may be looking out onto the passage. The darkness on the sides should provide ample cover for you to approach him carefully while sneaking.

Now, if you’re lucky, I believe that he can walk down the center lane. This means that you can slip past him right here and basically be home free. There’s a well lit break room ahead with some Imperial Legion armor and gold on the table, so grab it if you want. The passage past the break room has a simple staircase and a marked door at the top. Open the door and go into the little passageway to find the door to leave the section.

Now, if you’re not that lucky, things get tricky (if you don’t want to wait for a few real minutes for him to come back out on the patrol again…and hope that he decides to walk past you into the chamber). Follow him into the break room and walk behind the pillar to the right of the entrance. You should be hidden well enough and he won’t be able to hear you if you don’t run. Now, just watch his patrol pattern. When he’s not looking, move along the wall to the back pillar. Your goal is the exit door. If he walks through the door, take the chance to loot the table and observe him.

If he enters the next room, you can probably follow him and find cover, then use this chance to slip past him. If not, you can retreat to the break room behind the pillar closest to the exit and wait for him to pass you. You should be able to finally get past him with this maneuver.

Once you’re past the guard with the torch in the Imperial Prison sewers, you should be just about home free. Make sure that you save. Just walk up the path that you originally came down and keep going until you find the hole in the wall that leads to your old jail cell. Go into the cell and wait in the back.

Scheduled for Execution – Killing Valen Dreth

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood - Killing Valen Dreth

Valen Dreth and the Imperial Prison Guard will talk for awhile. Just wait for the guard to leave. If you have a bow, then you can hide in the cell and shoot him through the bars.

Otherwise, walk out and grab the prison key and the prison cell key off of the table to the left. Unlock Dreth’s cell and don’t talk to him. There’s no real reason and you don’t want him to scream. Just hit him to kill him, or walk behind him, sneak and then hit him from cover to kill him.

Now, if you want, you can backtrack through the sewers to leave. I don’t want to do that though. We have a key to the prison, so just walk up the steps and use the key to exit into the main prison block. No one should bat an eye. If they do, just pay the cheap fine and steal your stolen items back from the evidence chest.

Walk back to the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and talk to Vincinte to end the mission and receive your bonus.

The Assassinated Man – Faking the Kill

Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - The Assassinated Man

After our big mission to kill Valen Dreth and elude the prison guards, we have a relaxing mission. You don’t even have to kill anyone.

We have a contract to fake a death, Romeo and Juliette style. Except it’s not for love, it’s so some guy can escape his debt (by sacrificing his mother).

Travel to Chorrol and walk up to the locked house where Francois Motierre lives. Pick the lock and go inside to find him in the entrance area. Talk to him to lay out the plan. Equip the poisoned blade, Languorwine, and walk up the steps to hide by the display case. When Hides-His-Heart walks through the front door, run down and slash Francois Motierre with the special dagger. Quickly unequip it and run out the door. Hides-His-Heart may chase you. Note that the enforcer can die. If he dies, you will not just lose the bonus, but you will actually fail the mission and receive none of the rewards. The city guard don’t take kindly to a loan shark’s enforcer chasing an apparently innocent man in the street, so it is a little tricky to keep him alive. When you run outside, turn the right corner quickly and make a mad dash for the front gate. If you make it out of Chorrol, then Hides-His-Heart will disappear and be safe. Just move quickly and you’ll be fine.

The Assassinated Man – Reviving Francois Motierre

Dark Brotherhood Walkthrough - Oblivion - The Assassinated Man

Just kill at least 24 hours and walk back into Chorrol. Go into the Chapel and walk down into the burial chamber in the undercroft. Francis is lying on a slab in the back. Try to talk to him to revive him. Wait for him to sit up, but draw a good weapon and put on some real armor. We’re not safe.

This whole affair has angered our target’s relatives. This means that three special Motierre zombies will spawn. One will spawn next to you and another two will be in the main chamber. Turn and quickly kill the first zombie. It’s a little tougher than the usual ones, so feel free to break out the good magic or gear. Once the first one goes down, talk to Francis and ask him to wait. It should be safe here.

Walk out and kill the next Motierre zombies in the main chamber. There’s no real trick to that one. Use a basic shield to block their lunges and then knock them back on their heels with some general slashing. Once the way is clear, go back and fetch Francis and tell him to follow you. Sheathe your weapon and walk back up into the church. Just take him quickly to the Grey Mare. It doesn’t matter if anyone sees you. Once you make it inside, he’ll thank you and take a seat.

Go back to the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and talk to Vincinte Valtieri. This is our last mission for him. We get the next set from Ocheeva. He’ll also reward us with a key to the shortcut entrance to the Sanctuary. You can now use the ladder in the main entrance corner to leave and the well to skip the exit step into the sanctuary. It’s a nice bonus along with the rest of our equipment.

You can just sell or throw away Languorwine. It doesn’t have any more poison on it and is now just a bad dagger.

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