Oblivion Walkthru - Joining the Fighters Guild

Oblivion Walkthru - Joining the Fighters Guild
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Oblivion Walkthrough - The Fighters Guild

The Fighters Guild is the traditional source for adventure and well paying quests. Note that just about anyone can join, since you just have to be able to kill creatures and bandits. If you can’t do that then you’re not going to survive long in Oblivion.

You can join the Fighters Guild by talking to any of the official recruiters. I suggest that you talk to Azzan in Anvil, since you get two quick missions really quick from him. They’re also logical starting missions. As an additional plus, he usually sits in the front training room during the day for easy access.

Oblivion Walkthrough - Anvil Fighters Guild - A Rat Problem

Oblivion Walkthrough - A Rat Problem - Arvena

This rat problem is a little unconventional. Go over to Arvena’s house (she needs to be inside, so you might need to wait for a bit or leave the city if she gets stuck on the bench). Walk into the house and find her to learn that there’s a mountain lion killing her pet rats. So that’s a bit of a twist. Don’t attack the rats and try not to hit them. If you kill all of the rats then the quest will end in a less than desirable way.

Use a few focused swipes and finish off the starving mountain lion. Go back upstairs to talk to her. She’ll point you toward Pinarus Inventius. He’s a hunter and will be able to take us out to the mountain lion lair that has apparently set up near the city of Anvil. Follow him out of the city and just a bit up the road until you find the little glen with four mountain lions. Run in and help him finish them off. He’s essential, so don’t worry about babysitting him. Once the last one dies, he’ll congratulate you and walk back to his house. Take the pelts if you want and get some loot from a skeleton in the back of the little lair.

Go bac

Oblivion Walkthrough - A Rat Problem - The Mountain Lions

k and talk to Arvena. It seems that we missed one, since there’s another lion in the basement. Go down and kill it just like the last time. She actually wants to get to the bottom of the whole thing this time, so we need to spy on Quill-Weave.

You don’t actually have to follow Quill-Weave. Just wait until about 8 or 9 at night and wait behind Arvena’s house by the hole in the wall. You’ll see Quill-Weave lay a bunch of meat down by the hole. That’s what drew in the mountain lions. (*Note that Quill-Weave takes a trip out of the city for a dinner and she can get stuck there, just like Arvena on the bench. If she does, try leaving the city and fast traveling back. If that doesn’t work, visit her to trigger the zone and her script, then leave and wait or fast travel a bit).

You now have a decision. You have to go back and talk to Arvena. Quill-Weave wants you to lie since she legitimately didn’t want to endanger anyone. In return, she’ll give you a free point of training in Acrobatics. Arvena will reward you with a point in Speechcraft if you tell her the truth. Speechcraft is much harder (and more annoying) to train than Acrobatics (just skip everywhere and you’ll be a master in a few hours). It’s your call though. Quill-Weave will still be willing to train you normally, but she’ll speak harshly to you and need a few bribes or a charm spell.

Report back to Azzan to complete the quest.

Oblivion Walkthrough - Anvil Fighters Guild - The Unfortunate Shopkeeper

Oblivion Walkthrough - The Unfortunate Shopkeeper - Killing the Thieves

This is really easy. Go out to the Anvil Docks and find the shop in question, Lelles’ Quality Merchandise. Norbert Lelles is inside. Talk to him to learn about the robberies. He’ll officially close the shop and leave you inside.

Note that you can now rob him blind with no consequences. I suggest you take the unique opportunity to do so. There’s some nice potions in one of the bedrooms, so at least grab them. The robbery will happen at night (although the three robbers should take up scouting positions outside the door as soon as you talk to him). Wait until it’s about 11 at night. They should come through the front doors to rob the shop. There are three of them and they definitely aren’t pushovers. Try to stay on the top of the stairs to make them funnel up to you. There’s no trick to this. Try to force them to fight you one at a time and remember to use your magic and drink a few potions if you have to do so. Just kill them with your usual bandit killing methods. If you really can’t handle the fight, you can always run outside to get a little help from the people on the docks and a few guards.

Report back to Norbert at The Flowing Bowl to give him the news. He’ll happily pay you and send you back to Azzan. Azzan won’t have anything new for you until you do a few other missions.That means we’re going to Cheydinhal.

Oblivion Walkthrough - Cheydinhal Fighters Guild - The Desolate Mine

Oblivion Walkthrough - The Desolate Mine - Killing Goblins

You can get this quest from the head of the Cheydinhal Fighters Guild. Burz gro-Khash will give this to you. Your mission is to drop off a few weapons so that the fighters can clear out he Desolate Mine. The only thing that I’ll say is that any fighter really needs a shield. Goblins use weapons and are good at staggering you. Bring a shield if you want to make this a lot easier.

Walk out to the marked mine and go inside. There will be a few goblins guarding the entrance of the mine. Kill them and go inside to talk to the Fighters Guild members. Naturally they expect you to help. Now, here’s where it gets complicated. You’ll lose part of the reward and have to put up with nasty rumors of “heavy losses and incompetence in the mission at the mine” for the rest of the game. So you want them to all survive. It’s possible to pickpocket the mine key off of the leader and go inside ahead of them and do it all yourself to beat the mission.

You can also just rush ahead of them and take the main route to keep them safe. If you’re doing this at a low level, then don’t worry. They’ll probably be fine. At higher levels there is some danger of death though and the elf loves to get himself into a lot of trouble. He almost died on my run and ran really far ahead.

The good news is that there is only one really dangerous area. When you enter the first large mine room there are two passways across from you. The one on the right is a dead end rockslide. Look for the entrance on the right and go through it to meet the bulk of the goblins. There should only be a few to the left and your allies can handle them. Start swinging and put them down before the other fighters get in your way. Try to lead the way too so that your Fighters Guild allies bottleneck behind you. Keep an eye out for mineral veins and chests and use the map to make sure that you get both of the passages and don’t miss any hidden goblins.

You’ll get a note at the end of the mission. Just talk to the people to see if you lost anyone (or take a quick rollcall yourself while you loot the mine). Report back to Burz to end the mission.

If you already did the Anvil missions, then you’ll advance to the next level and need to go to Chorrol.

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