Oblivion Walkthrough - Joining the Dark Brotherhood

Oblivion Walkthrough - Joining the Dark Brotherhood
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Oblivion Walkthrough - Dark Brotherhood Introduction

The Dark Brotherhood is very simple. You join their group and then kill the people that they tell you to kill. Note that you don’t have to be a super assassin for most of these. Refusing to use stealth for a mission will only result in losing the bonus. You can complete just about every mission by rushing into the situation with loud armor and a warhammer (there’s even another member that encourages you to take this path).

The Dark Brotherhood is one of the most fun early questlines with a few genuinely fun missions. Near the end, it turns into a bit more of an annoying duel guild, but it’s a fun ride until then. You’ll get a lot of great gear for stealth characters (Members of the Oblivion Thieves Guild definitely need to join), a source for poison apples (nothing better than replacing the apples in the apple barrels with these to take out a whole shift of guards quietly), a chance to easily become a vampire (if you plan to do it, then make sure you read our Oblivion Vampirism Guide), a few all purpose items and a free private guild to stay in while you’re in Cheydinhal. Unless you’re role playing a “good” character, then there is literally no reason not to join the Dark Brotherhood.

Oblivion Walkthrough - Joining the Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood is quite easy to join. You just have to murder someone. Note that you have to actually murder them. You need to walk up to someone who’s not hostile to you and attack them until they’re killed. You have to directly deal the damage. If they are killed by poison, a conjured creature or any lingering effect, then it doesn’t cocunt. You’ll get a little note at the top of the screen that “unknown forces” have observed the murder. The next time that you sleep, Lucien Lachance will find you and offer you the initiation mission for the Dark Brotherhood.

As far as finding a murder victim, just pick someone unimportant. If you finished someone’s quest, then they’re usually safe to kill. I think the people in the stable outside of Imperial City are fine to kill and fairly easy to access. You’ll probably get a bounty though. On that note, if you just can’t find someone you can kill quietly, then just kill a stable worker at night and then run over to Armand (if you’re in the Thieves Guild) and pay the bounty. You can also just save up the whole bounty and pay it off. After a few levels, it’s just a good dungeon run or a little bit of stealing.

If you plan to do the Arena quests, then you’re in luck. The Gray Prince will ask that you do a quest for him. I won’t spoil it, but finishing the quest will deeply depress him. Once you go through everyone in the Arena, you will get a chance to challenge the Gray Prince. Now, if you did his quest, he’ll just stand there and wait for you to kill him. Since he never draws his weapon or officially becomes hostile, it counts as a murder.

I personally finished the “Elven Maiden” quest for the Thieves Guild. Then I just pickpocketed the jail key and found the informant in the jail cells on the right (not through the door on the left, that’s for a later Dark Brotherhood quest). I just walked behind her, waited for the guard to pass and sliced her with sneak 4X damage for a one hit kill. No scream and no bounty.

Oblivion Walkthrough - A Knife in the Dark - Rufio

Oblivion Walkthrough - The Dark Brotherhood - A Knife in the Dark

Honestly, this is all quite easy. Find the Inn of Ill Omen north of Bravil. Just follow the road. Walk inside and talk to the bartender to confirm that Rufio is in the basement quarters. Go down the trap door and walk up to his bed. He’s a sound sleeper and has almost no health. Just slash him once with the Blade of Woe for an easy kill. Even if he wakes up, he should just cower in the corner. He’ll always die in one hit, so you won’t get a bounty.

Sleep in his bed to trigger Lucien again. He’ll congratulate you and induct you into the Dark Brotherhood. You will be added to his Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary that is hidden away in Cheydinhal. It’s just an abandoned house. Go inside and walk to the basement to find the ornate door. Activate it and give the password to gain access to the Sanctuary.

Talk to Ocheeva and then Vincinte to get your first mission.

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The Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion is an assassin guild that is a quite useful and fun to join. You’ll get a lot of good gold and stealthy equipment and also make a few good allies without too much work. This Oblivion Walkthrough will cover how to join the Dark Brotherhood and beat their missions.

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