Guide to Playing a Vampire in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Guide to Playing a Vampire in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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Oblivion Vampire Guide

In Oblivion, you can play your character just the way you want. be it the goody-two-shoes hero who helps anyone he meets, a thief that can pickpocket anyone in broad daylight, or even the mage who blows up the entire town and still gets away with it. For some, these alternatives are enough to burn hours and hours of playing inside the land of Tamriel. But for some of us, this is not enough. Oblivion offers a few alternatives to spice up your gaming experience; one of them is to be a Vampire. This Oblivion Vampire Guide will teach you how to become one.

You may ask, “Why would I even want to become a vampire? “. For one, you’ll become _s_tronger, faster, able to jump higher and your magic attacks deals heavier damage. And just for the thrill of it, being a vampire can be fun. However, there are also downsides when you’re a vampire. The sun will be your enemy; every second of being out in the sun will damage your health. People will start avoiding you which can make your questing life a bit difficult.

So How To Become A Vampire In Oblivion?

There are 2 ways:

Porphyric Hemophilia

1 . Fight a vampire – every time you get hit when fighting a vampire, there is a small chance that you’ll contract Porphyric Hemophilia. This is a disease that if not cured, will let you become a vampire after resting.

2. Receive the “Dark Gift” quest reward – This option will become available once you’ve progressed enough into the ranks of the Dark Brotherhood.

In my opinion, if you’re in the early stages in Oblivion, option 1 is the easiest way to become a vampire. Fight one, and hope to contract the disease before the vampire kills you or you kill it.

Where to Find the Vampires

Almost all vampires are located inside caves, mines, sewers, forts and ruins. The nearest cave to find one is at Memorial Cave (southeast of Imperial City across the water). Here are the places where you can find the vampires.

Barren Cave

Beneath the Bloodworks

Bloodcrust Cavern


Fort Carmala

Fort Hastrel

Fort Naso

Fort Redman

Fort Redwater

Fort Vlastarus

Gutted Mine

Lipsand Tarn

Memorial Cave




The Palace Sewers

Redwater Slough

You can also check out this map. With this Oblivion Vampire Guide, finding vampires in Cyrodiil will be much easier.


Stages of Vampirism

When you become a vampire, you gain several abilities;

100% resistance to disease

100% resistance to paralysis

Bonus points (depending on the level of vampirism)







Hand to Hand




There are 4 stages of vampirism; I’ll explain each in detail

Stage 1: (Vampirism 25%)

You basically look more human, NPCs won’t even notice that you’re a vampire. This is the basic stage of being a vampire, also take note that in this stage, you take no damage from the sun.

Bonus points: +5

Weakness to Fire: +20

Resistance to Normal Weapons: +5

Gain Hunter’s Sight – Night eye 30 seconds and Detect Life 100f for 30 seconds on self

Stage 2: (Vampirism 50%)

This stage will occur after 24 hours have passed without you feeding. You will look more undead in appearance and starts to look older.

Bonus points: +10

Weakness to Fire: +30

Resistance to Normal Weapons: +10

Gain Vampire Seduction – Charm 50 points on target

Damage to sun: 1 point of damage per second in sun exposure

Stage 3: (Vampirism 75%)

If another day has passed, and you still haven’t feed, after resting, you’ll get to this stage.

Bonus points: +15

Weakness to Fire: +40

Resistance to Normal Weapons: +15

Gain Reign of Terror – Silence 20ft for 60seconds and Demoralize up to level 6 for 60seconds once per day

Damage to sun: 4 point of damage per second in sun exposure

Stage 4: (Vampirism 100%)

This is the final form of being a vampire. People will now consider you as an undead and will refuse to interact with you no matter how high your disposition is.

Bonus points: +20

Weakness to Fire: +50

Resistance to Normal Weapons: +20

Gain Embrace of Shadows – Invisibility 180 seconds on self and Night Eye for 90 seconds

Damage to sun: 8 point of damage per second in sun exposure

So Now What Do I Do?

This option will appear when you to talk to a sleeping NPC

Ever heard of “Great Power comes with Great Responsibility”? The price of your power comes with some maintenance, as you might call it. You will need to feed if you don’t want the negative effects that come from being a vampire. The feed option will appear when you attempt to talk to a sleeping NPC. Be sure that no one sees you while you’re feeding or else they will attack you.

Oblivion Vampire Cure

Raminus will point you to the Count of Skingrad

After talking to few people and performing several quests, you’ll get the oblivion vampire cure.

1. Talk to any healers in any town. The option “Cure Vampirism” will be available if you have at least Stage 1 vampirism

2. They will refer you to Raminus Polus, he can be found in the Arcane University.

3. Raminus will inevitably point you to Count Janus Hassildor of Skingrad, he can be found in Castle Skingrad.

4. You will need to talk to Hal-Liurz, the personal steward of the Count, before you can talk to Count Janus.

5. Count Janus will offer to reward you if you can bring the “Cure Vampirism” potion to him, for his wife.

6. He will send you to Drakelowe where you will find Melisande.

7. Perform her quests.

8. After the quests, you will get a potion, take it Count Jannus Hassildor for your reward.