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This article continues the examination of the Daedra Lord quests in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In part one, the Daedra were introduced. In part two, the first six Daedra Lords were introduced in detail. In this continuation, we take a look at the next six Daedra Lords, as well as what is necessary to find and complete their quests.

Merida, Nocturnal & Peryite

  • Meridia - This shrine is located west-southwest from Skingrad, between the Cursed Mine and the Shadrock farm. The Daedra Lord here requires something to do with undead, like bonemeal from a Skeleton or ectoplasm from a Ghost. The reward for finishing the task requested however is a “Ring of Khajiiti”, which gives Chameleon and Fortify Speed enhancements.

  • Nocturnal - This Daedra Lord’s shrine is nearby Leyawiin, to the north and on the east side of the Upper Niben river. There is no offering required here, but you do have to be at least level 10. Once the task is finished, you’ll be rewarded with the “Skeleton Key”, an unbreakable lockpick that adds 40 points to your Security skill.

  • Peryite - The Peryite shrine is out of the way, so you won’t usually run right into it unless you’re exploring. Its located on the southeast shore of the Silverfish River, east of the Imperial Bridge Inn. There is no offering needed here, but beware. Although technically you can do this at level 10, I’d recommend you wait a while until you’re much more experienced. Once you finish the difficult task (which is in Oblivion), you’ll be rewarded with “SpellBreaker”, a shield with a powerful Reflect Spell enhancement.

Mephala, Hircine & Molag Bal

  • Mephala - Mephala’s shrine is located up the hill behind the Roxey Inn, which is near the northeast corner of Lake Rumare. This Daedra requires an offering of nightshade, but it is only accepted between midnight and dawn. There should be numerous places you can find this item, whether its in the wild or during another quest. But once you perform Mephala’s task, you’re rewarded with a very nice Ebony Blade. It doesn’t have a cool name, but it comes with Silence and Absorb Health enhancements.

  • Hircine - This shrine is found south-southeast of the Ayleid ruin “Sandavar Leed”, located on the east side of the Red Ring Road. Its hoped that you are a good enough hunter at this point, because you need a bear or wolf pelt to gain the Daedra Lord’s attention. Once you get it though - as well as the task - you’ll be able to receive the “Savior’s Hide”, a nice light armor with a decent Resist Magic enhancement. You’ll be surprised by what you have to do, but the armor might just be worth it to you.

  • Molag Bal - Molag Bal’s shrine is located south-southeast of the Ayleid ruin “Narfinsel”, straight west of the bridge outside of the Talos Plaza District. If you hadn’t hunted enough before, guess what - you’re going to need to bag a mountain lion this time. But with pelt in hand, you’ll be given a task that will net you the “Mace of Molag Bal” as a reward, which is quite a powerful mace. It saps Strength and Magicka with each hit and can be mighty useful.

In part four of this series, we’ll finish up with the last three of the Daedra Lords.

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