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One of the unique qualities of the game Oblivion is the vast amount of content available to the player. Some of this content is fairly general in nature, but occasionally you’ll stumble across a hidden site out in the middle of nowhere that provides a worthwhile reward for your efforts. Daedric sites fall into the latter category, and they can be very useful. The quests associated with these sites are usually fairly simple - there are a couple that fall into the difficult range, but this is the exception rather than the rule - and the storylines that go along with them are entertaining as well. In this first part, we’ll take a look at Daedra in general and in part two we’ll enumerate the various quests available.

What Are The Daedra?

To put it simply, Daedra are immortal beings from the plane of Oblivion. Unfortunately despite the belief that you can kill them, its actually not true. When you “kill” a Daedra, its spirit just goes back to Oblivion. But since you can ransack the body for what it carries anyway, does it matter?

There are various levels of Daedra however. There are the lesser Daedra (some of which are merely unintelligent beasts) all the way up to the Dremora, the elite soldiers of Mehrunes Dagon (the Daedric Prince of Destruction). Some lesser Daedra are of low intelligence, some of medium intelligence, and some are even spellcasters.

The Daedra aren’t decidedly evil, though of course in the game you’re always fighting them regardless (unless you summon your own). And Daedra can be either male or female, as sex does not seem to make a difference as to ability or rank. The only exception is the Dremora, who seem to be composed only of males.

Serving the Daedra Lords

The Daedra sites scattered all over the landscape in Oblivion are shrines where NPCs pay homage to various Daedra Lords, much in the same way as one prays to a god. There are in fact 15 Daedric quests a player can do, but there are level requirements you must meet before you can accept the tasks. Some quests can be done as early as level 2 and some quests require you to be as high as level 17 or 20. Finally, there is one Daedric Lord who will not give you a quest until you have finished all the others.

These gods and goddesses are demanding, but what do you expect from an immortal? This is also the reason why you can’t do some of them until a certain level, because the item bestowed on you can be very powerful. Whats entertaining about them however is the different personalities they show. Even when it sounds like they are berating you for being a lowly mortal - barely worthy of their notice - its still comical and fun.


The Daedra are one of the interesting aspects of the game, and aside from the main quest of Oblivion, they provide more color and detail to the world of the Elder Scrolls IV.  Its also interesting to see how the Daedra aren’t necessarily just a faction to be eliminated, but that they do indeed have personalities and a culture.  Sure, their culture is sort-of in direct conflict with the existing world, but everything can’t be perfect or what fun would it be?  In part two of this series, we’ll examine each Daedra Lord shrine, whats required to obtain a task, and what the rewards are.

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