Elder Scrolls Oblivion For The PS3 Makes Other PS3 Games Look Like Scrap - Why Elder Scrolls Oblivion Is Way Above The Rest

Elder Scrolls Oblivion For The PS3 Makes Other PS3 Games Look Like Scrap - Why Elder Scrolls Oblivion Is Way Above The Rest
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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

Elder Scrolls series is known for taking the player out of their normal life and crating a new person who lives in a whole new world and giving you a realistic immersion experience as that person. It can be a whole lot of fun and surprisingly effective. So, prepare again, brave adventurer to step forward and take up a noble cause, wield your weapons and save the day from the forces of evil!

Character and Race Selection

Characters The first choice that you will have to make is who you want to be. At first you are presented with some a very basic choice, are you going to be a male or a female of the species. Then, you have to pick your species, know in the game as a race.

You have 10 basic races to choose from in the game. You can choose to be:

• An Argonian

• A Breten

• A Dark Elf

• A High Elf

• An Imperial

• A Khajiit

• A Nord

• An Ore

• A Redguard or

• A Wood Elf,

And this decision is more than just a window dressing. Each race is assigned certain extra benefits in the form of bonus abilities, vulnerabilities and bonuses. For example an Argonian can breathe under water and a Dark Elf is resistant to fire.


After a race is chosen you can fiddle with the features of your character in Elder Scrolls which makes the game a bit more interesting. A process which you can skip or use to create a character with a look so unique I guarantee you will not see it on anyone else in the game. In addition at the end of your tutorial/ game introduction you will find that you have 2 more choices to make. Your birthsign and your class.

Your class is an important decision, as it will define your shell set for the rest of the game. You have 21 to choose from. Well, 22 if you count the ability to make a custom class. Don’t worry, you’ll have a last chance to make choices as you exit the tutorial.

The Environment

This is definitely something that the designers of the game should be bragging about. The environment of the game is both beautiful and fully interactive. Go ahead, get lost on your way to just about anywhere, which you will, you can pick wild herbs or interact with just about any item you encounter. In addition you can talk with anyone you encounter in this world, and you will get more than vague one liners when you do. You can ask specific questions and get relevant answers. The AI is solid not exactly ground breaking, but don’t worry this has surprisingly little impact on your game play. Just be sure to watch your back with the guards if you do anything illegal as their catch rate is surprisingly high. All in all this gorgeous and detailed world where you can indulged your escapist fantasies and actually feel like you are someone else is well worth the cash. Buy it, don’t rent it or you’ll miss out on the fun of exploring this world inside and out.

Graphics in Elder Scrolls Oblivion

As you can see from the screenshots below, the graphics in Elder Scrolls Oblivion for the PS3 are simply superb. The colors are great, the detail is excellent, and it will have you feeling like you are truly in the game. It’s clear that the artists and developers took their time to do these graphics correctly for once in a console RPG.

Images From Elder Scrolls Oblivion


Overall, anyone that loves a good RPG will fall in love with Elder Scrolls Oblivion. It’s a great console classic that you can play over and over again without worrying about replay value - as you can really change it up every time. There is so much about this game that you’ll enjoy.

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