The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion – Hints, Tips, and More to Help You Play Smoother and Win Faster

Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion

No, the Mud Crabs are not really going to kill you. That is, unless you try to fight them in the buff and without actually hitting back. You can just walk around doing nothing and still enjoy the Elder Scrolls 4, but then you miss all the fun of setting enemies on fire, stabbing them in the back, and bludgeoning them with large hammers. Here are some of the best Elder Scrolls 4 hints to help you get through the game quicker:

Save Your Coin

Much of the good weapons and armor are very expensive in stores and can be found while doing quests in the Elder Scrolls 4. Therefore, why buy it when you can pry it from some evildoer’s cold dead hands? Save your money for enchanting and the occasional potion instead of buying upgrades to gear and armor, and just loot them from those you kill.

Make Friends, Join a Guild

In Elder Scrolls 4, guilds are a great source of free loot and great quests. Not only that, but they offer services that cannot be found anywhere else. For example, when you advance far enough in the Mage’s Guild, you get access to the Arcane University which has the only place to make your own spells and enchant equipment. Start in the guild best suited to your initial skill set and then try your luck with another after you gain some experience.

A Good Offense is a Good Defense

When fighting in hand-to-hand combat in the Elder Scrolls 4 it will only get you so far to run in swinging away. Blocking will reduce the damage you receive from attacks and stun the attacker for a short time. The key to using this effectively is to face your opponent and hold the block command until they make contact. Once they recoil from hitting you, release the block button and attack a few times before doing it all again. You will survive much longer in tougher hand-to-hand battles by utilizing this tactic.

Darkness is Your Friend

Sneaking is a great way to move past enemies undetected in Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion, and score a powerful first attack that could be the deciding factor in a battle. However, if you are having trouble with getting caught, you may be sneaking in the wrong places. Just like in real life, if you slink around in the light, no matter how sneaky you think you are, people can see you. Do the same thing in darkness, and things will get a little better. Therefore, the darker the area, the more effective the sneaking. Also, again like in real life, having full body armor on will not make you quiet and will not improve your sneaking.

Don’t Just Stand There

As a ranged fighter it is in your best interests to attack from a distance. This means that it is helpful to be able to move backwards while firing. It is also in your best interests to try moving at angles when fighting other ranged attackers. Most projectiles are avoidable because they move at a moderate speed and, in the case of magic, are visible. Try moving off to the side whenever you hear the sound of a ranged attack.

Take Care of Your Things

Your equipment has a health amount and the more damaged your equipment gets, the less effective it is. Always make sure you go to an armorer and keep your equipment in good health. Better yet, practice your repair skill and do it yourself.

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