The Best Oblivion Mods Described and Linked

The Best Oblivion Mods Described and Linked
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Lost Paladins of the Divines and Midas Magic Spells Aurum Mods

These five new must-have mods for Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion you probably haven’t heard of can provide you with a slew of new, useful and engaging content for your Oblivion experience.

Lost Paladins of the Divines: You can purchase the Lost Paladins of the Divines book at the Imperial City market to begin your quest for the magic items that complete the Heaven’s Wrath and Heaven’s Fury armor sets. The adventure will entertain and challenge you with four new creatures that guard the hiding places of these mystical relics This mod is an ideal addition if you want to add challenge to your Oblivion game time. It is however, also pretty scary, so don’t let the kids try it by themselves. Once you defeat the final guardian you’ll receive a Paladin’s Stallion as a reward from the Divines. Defeat the final guardian without any infamy points and you’ll be able to open the Crypt of Vralen Averos. You’ll also be presented with a series of questions to help customize the Heaven’s Wrath Armor set.

Midas Magic Spells Aurum: After you make it into the Arcane University courtyard, make sure to drop by the merchant Midas in his place of business to the right. There you can enhance your magic ability with Midas Magic Spells of Aurum. The new collection contains more than 100 spells and can increase your arcane ability to turn monsters into goo, defend yourself when necessary and make a quick escape. You can use Summon Carpet to call forth a magic rug that lets you travel around Cyrodiil; cast Rose of Kindness to gain a arcane flower that calms opponents; or turn corpses into gold statues that rain down gold coins upon you. The mod developers even ripped a few ideas from Gary Gynax by using Magic Missile and Meteor Storm, but the spells work well and add to your arcane powers.

Clocks of Cyrodiil and The Lost Spires Mods


Clocks of Cyrodiil: Oblivion can be a time-consuming adventure and now you can add functional time pieces to help you stay aware of time. The Clocks of Cyrodiil mod allows you to introduce functional clocks to various landmarks around Oblivion, so you always know what the time is. These clocks look great and you can enter them and take a look inside their time cases to see what’s going on inside.

The Lost Spires: Leo Gura and Team have designed The Lost Spires, 15 hours of entertaining adventures for Oblivion fanatics. You’ll be a new adventurer of an association that plays “Indiana Jones” as you search for information on the beginnings of ancient spires left by a race of warlocks who existed before the Ayleid. You’ll travel to 10 different exotic and engaging locations on the game map, including deep, dark caverns buried beneath the ground and an Ayleid labyrinth with secrets to confound and entertain. You’ll find ancient magical items left behind by these forgotten warlocks, so the benefits of the adventure include more than just the entertainment value. Keep an eye on the shadows, though, as hungry boss-monsters are awaiting their next meal. This mod will take about 18 hours to download, so bring a book along to pass the time.

Et in Arkay Ego Mod


Et in Arkay Ego is a fun and entertaining Oblivion mod for gamers who love quests and adventures. You begin as an adventurer in Tamriel who comes across a collection of documents that hint of an amazing secret - that the “God of Life” is dead. Along the way you’ll deal with an underground society thought to have perished eons ago and groups that include the Sheppards of Arkay, Brothers of the Underground Stream, and even a Bard who will sing of your adventures. This mod includes quests with an original history, 30 new NPCs, 20 books, 10 locations, items, spells and a lot more. The developers have also built two versions of this mod; “Et in Arkay Ego” and “Et in Arkay Ego Spiritus”, a mature version of the mod that lets you play in your birthday suit.

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