Oblivion Console Commands List

Oblivion Console Commands List
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Reasons To Use The Console

The console in Oblivion isn’t merely a tool for players to openly cheat, by altering aspects of game-play via the use of commands, but it is primarily intended for ‘modders’ – and the developers of the game – to test areas, scripts and other important factors in the game.

As a player though one has little need to use the console for testing purposes and it can be used simply to have fun with the game. By using Oblivion console commands you can change almost anything in the game, and in many instances speed-up proceedings which would otherwise result in lengthier game-play. It could spoil your experience of the game and take away from the immersion; it is also a way of approaching the game differently and consoling yourself as a player by overcoming your weaknesses (pun intended.)

This Brighthub article offers some of the many useful Oblivion console commands. The console is only available for the PC version of the game.

Toggle Commands

Collision ‘No-Clip’ Effect: Absence of Gravity as the Player Flies Through Bravil

Press the tilde key (~, ¬, or other keys depending on keyboard layout) to bring up the console. Toggle commands, as the name indicates, switch something on or off. These include:

tcai – This will turn off Combat AI for a specific actor, as a targeted command, or turn it off for all NPCs. Once it’s off NPCs are still able to fight but will not be able to move.

tcl – Turns off collision clipping. You can move through objects/housing, dropped objects will freeze in time and killed creatures/NPCs will remain still instead of dropping to the ground. Good if you are stuck.

tfow – Useful if you want to display the whole map of the local area, so you are able to see all locations.

tgm – God mode. Take no damage, magicka, fatigue and health is always full, no encumbrance, unlimited arrows, no weapon/armor degradation.

Targeted Commands

Oblivion console commands which require a target reference:

additem - This command adds an item to an inventory. This is explained in detail in our article about listing PC item codes for the game.

createfullactorcopy – Creates a clone of yourself with interesting effects. Talk to yourself, have your clone follow you around, or fight him/her.

deletefullactorcopy – Delete your clone.

moveto – Teleports you to the location indicated by the reference ID. Every cell in-game has an ID.

Payfine – Pays the fine for crimes committed. You are not transported to the nearest prison, but since your stolen items are removed in the normal manner it would be good to stash them somewhere safe (or using a ‘fence’) before using it.

Other Commands

Other interesting commands you could use, which remain uncategorized:

advlevel – Levels you up. Be aware that your progression toward major skill increases is not leveled and will remain the same, so essentially you will need to add up the remaining points you need by the times you’ve leveled.

caqs – Completes all the quests in the game

killall – Kills everything in a wide range. It is listed as killing everything in the 5x5 cells around the player outside, while inside everything in the cell you are in.

movetoqt – Instantly teleports you to your active quest.

There are many more commands available. Please visit the UESP page for a comprehensive list.

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