My Pitiful Shack is Haunted: How To Buy A House in Oblivion

My Pitiful Shack is Haunted: How To Buy A House in Oblivion
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Terrible Creatures - How To Buy A House in Oblivion

It may have occurred to you, while adventuring in the realm of Cyrodil, that you are essentially, a vagabond, carrying everything they

own from place to place, with no home to call their own and curiously only ever feeling the need to sleep after having learnt a new skill.

So perhaps you’d like a little place of your own? Perhaps you’d like a safe place to put your loot with no respawning containers that will vanish the things precious to you, that you murdered so hard and often for? It wouldn’t hurt to have a safe place to sleep either without the hassle of buying a room or having to share with your despicable, mud crab obsessed guild mates.

With this guide on how to buy a house in Oblivion, the property market of every major province will be open for business:


An ill omen passes over Benirus Manor: Its pain was not weather sealed!

Benirus Manor is a large stately manor house for sale for a suspiciously cheap 5,000 septims from Velwyn Benirus whom you can find in The Count’s Arms inn. You need a key to enter which will only become available after the purchase, at which point you will notice the state of disrepair.

A night’s sleep in the house will trigger the quest to make the house remotely liveable, though it will be somewhat more challenging than acquiring an enchanted paint roller.

Benirus Manor will likely not be the first house for sale you encounter as Anvil is all the way on the out on the coast, but it is the only house with an attached quest required to make it remotely livable.


Decking is very popular in Bravil.

The Bravil house for sale is a tiny, shack-like property which can be purchased from Count Regulus Terentius for 4000 septims.You can find him in Castle Bravil, unsurprisingly. You’ll need to for the count to have a disposition of 50+ before the ‘house for sale’ dialogue option will become available.

The house is similar to the shack for sale in Imperial City, but has twice the floor space. It is also a good base of operations if a Thieves Guild member, as Luciana Galena, Thieves Guild fence, lives above.



The Bruma house is a medium sized building with a second floor and a cellar. It can be purchased from Countess Narina Carvain for 10,000 septims if you she has a disposition of 60+ toward you.

The house is bought through a dialogue option, but will not appear while the ‘Lifting the Veil’ quest is active.

The Bruma house is the immediate right when entering the town through the east gate and is a short distance away from Thieves Guild fence Ongar the World-Weary at the Olav’s Tap and Tack.


For 15,000 septims, you can own a luxurious stately Cheydinhal home, in a prime spot, Mages Guild adjacent. Speak to Count And

A bastion of tidyness.

el Indarys when his disposition is 60+ to purchase.

The main draw of the property is the neatly ordered storage: Crates, barrels, wardrobes, chests, bureaus and shelves, all conveniently laid out on the second floor around the staircase and in the bedroom.


Perfect for watching arbor

‘Arborwatch’ is the Chorrol’s house for sale in Great Oak Place (the place with the great oak), beside the Mages Guild hall. It costs 20,000 septims to purchase, but has three floors in total, including a servant’s quarters and a master suite. The price also reflects the value of Chorrol property, it is one of Cyrodil’s places to be (according to townsfolk).

Talk to Countess Arianna Valga at Castle Chorrol to buy the house. You’ll need a disposition of 70+ as well as a fame of 12+, so you will have to complete some quests beforehand. Successfully completing the ‘A Shadow Over Hackdirt’ quest will help with prices of upgrades as Seed-Neeus (whom you purchase upgrades from) will have a disposition of 100+ afterward.

Imperial City

Located in the Waterfront District, is the Imperial City shack for sale. Unfurnished, it contains a bed and no storage containers. The container outside is unsafe for storage. The shack can be purchased for 2000 septims from Vinicia Melissaeia in the Office of Imperial Commerce.

Looks cosy.

The main use of the shack is its proximity to the city as well as being useful for avoiding guards if there is a bounty on your head as it is not within the city walls. A character wishing to avoid guards could fast travel to the nearby Dzonot caves and then swim to the shack.


A controversial property. Sort of.

It’s arguable the Leyawin house is worth the 7,000 gold it costs. Situated in the east of town, next to the castle, it’s bigger than the shacks on sale, but still quite dilapidated, especially when compared to the opulent houses of the neighbours.

Speak to Count Marius Caro to purchase when his disposition is 60+. At 3,000 coins more expensive than the Bravil Shack and only slightly bigger, the Leyawin shack is something of a questionable purchase.


Rosethorn Hall is the biggest and most expensive house available in the game. Located in northern Skingrad, it costs 25,000 septims to

Perhaps when you have desecrated every tomb in the land and have a body count bordering on genocide, you too will be able to afford such an impressive home.

buy, from Shum gro-Yarug at Castle Skingrad if his disposition toward you is higher than 60 and you have a fame of 15+.

Rosethorn Hall is initially occupied by Vandorallen Trebatius, but he is behind on his rent when the house is purchased and is ‘evicted’. Rosethorn Hall has four floors including the cellar. Among the upgrades are a live in maid with seemingly infinite supplies of food and drink to present you with,

I Avoid Them Whenever I Can

So it turns out, “how to buy a house in Oblivion” is as simple as handing over gold (and sometimes being famous, and occasionally performing an exorcism), you don’t even have to go through the documents, though I wonder about the legality of that. I definitely feel less immersed in role playing games when I don’t get to look over ye olde lease.