Oblivion Walkthrough: Fighters Guild

The Organization

The Fighters Guild

The Fighters Guild was first founded by Versidue-Shaie, although first proposed by Dinieras-Ves. The reasoning behind the idea was that order could be maintained throughout public settings without the need of massive armies all the time. Instead, the Fighters Guild would have mercenaries that would be able to reduce crime and maintain peace. This, of course, would reduce the amount of stress that armies had to endure.

The Guild is directed for those individual players whom are warriors, and its main purpose is manage the hiring and training of mercenaries. As such, there are a variety of different training locations located across Tamriel. Currently, the Guild is losing money and many members are forced to default on contracts. This is due to the competition that the Blackwood Company has brought. Members of the Fighters Guild will need to complete quests that aim to restore the Guild to its former glory.


The Fighters Guild is one of the easiest factions to join in Oblivion. Three individuals in three different cities allow you to join simply by talking to them, which are:

  • Azzan in Anvil;
  • Burz Gro-Khash in Cheydinhal; and
  • Vilena Donton in Chorol.

Just talk to any of these three individuals and they will allow you to join the Guild. There is one exception to this guideline though that you should be aware of. Because the Guild is made up of “respectable” mercenaries, they will turn any players away that have an Infamy standing of 100 or more unless that player’s Fame is 100 or higher. As a result, it’s a good idea to try and join as soon as you possibly can to avoid not being permitted entry.


As with all other Guilds in Oblivion, there are a few benefits that you’ll be able to reap once you have joined the Fighters Guild. First off, there are a bunch of items located within the different Guild Halls. These items can be taken freely by you with absolutely no penalties imposed. You’re a member of the Guild now and belong to it, so these items belong to you and other members.

Secondly, you’re able to purchase or acquire exclusive items. Some of the quests in the Guild series will reward you with such items, or you can just buy them from the merchant. Along these same principles, you’re able to learn exclusive abilities such as Hand-To-Hand Combat.

Thirdly, when you join and complete the quests throughout the series your Disposition with the Guild will increase. This can reduce the chance of other enemies from attacking you, such as Cingor located in Leyawiin. Finally, you’ll acquire a generous monthly salary so to speak once you have advanced to the “Master” ranking. This includes both money and special items.


Fighters Guild NPC

While there are a bunch of benefits and the Guild is easy to join, there are two restrictions you must be aware of. For those of you still contemplating joining, you cannot have any Bounty. As previously mentioned, this Guild only accepts “respectable” players. Those of you who have been stealing Bounty or committing crimes will not be able to join.

Secondly, prepare to be expelled from the Guild should you commit a crime on another Fighters Guild member. The Guild doesn’t take lightly to crimes or stealing, so you should prepare to face punishments if you do such acts. If you accidentally perform a crime against another member or regret doing one on purpose, you must complete a quest series to gain membership once more.

Go Get Em’

Now that you know the essentials about the Fighters Guild and what you’ll need to do to join, you can proceed and join them. Just ensure you try and join them as soon as you can so that you avoid any potential problems with Infamy or Bounty.

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