Oblivion Walkthrough: Daedra Creatures

Oblivion Walkthrough: Daedra Creatures
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What Are Daedra?

These creatures originate from the plains of Oblivion where they spawn after their souls have developed into physical forms. Daedra can be summoned by Conjurers or just wild enemies that need to be killed. If you go into a Conjurer dungeon, you’re likely to see Daedra there. Regardless of whether they are summoned or wild, there are a variety of different variations or forms that pose different threats.

Powerful Daedra are not seen as often, but they include Daedra Princes and Dremora. Both of these variants are far more powerful than the more common lesser Daedra, which consist of more than six types. It’s interesting to note that Daedra can’t really be permanently killed by any player. Instead of dying, a Daedra will be banished back to the original Oblivion void in which it was created. While in the void, the soul and energies will regenerate into its physical form and become a potential enemy once again.

Another Lesser Daedra

Whether it’s a greater or lesser Daedra, all Daedra are considered excellent crafters. They are capable of creating powerful weapons and armour through dark, mystical, secretive rituals that power the objects with Daedra souls. It’s also interesting that Daedra can not be considered good nor evil simply because they aren’t mortal and lack the ability to tell which is which. Therefore, Daedra do what they do without any moral judgment or guidelines. Although capable of much destruction, most Daedra don’t do so.

Daedra Princes

Daedra Princes are one of the most powerful variants of Daedra within Oblivion. As such, they are commonly considered Gods and worshipped by those of lesser power. There are sixteen different Princes identified within the Book of Daedra, and each one rules its own specified areas or sphere. These Princes have no clearly established gender, but usually take the form of males and have numerous servants that are referred to as lesser Daedra.

Lesser Daedra

As previously mentioned, these lesser creatures are servants to Daedra Princes. Some of these beings serve one main Prince and remain loyal to it, while others serve a variety of different Princes traveling back and forth between the multiple areas. Still other of these beings are unaligned with one or a few particular Princes and instead help the mortals with defence and gathering essential resources. It’s these Daedra that arrive when a Conjurer summons one. The more common Daedra variants include:

  • Xivilai
  • Scamps
  • Clannfears
  • Daedroths
  • Atronachs
  • Spider Daedra

Beware The Daedra

Now that you have a basic understanding of the Daedra and which types are more powerful than others, you can prepare yourself to fight them much better. Always try to avoid those Daedra that are of greater power if you’re alone. Otherwise, the lesser Daedra should be fairly easy to kill by yourself.

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