Oblivion Walkthrough: Mages Guild

The Organization

The Mages Guild

The Mages Guild was first founded by Vanus Galerion. The main goal behind its creation was to remove the numerous competing organizations and make one magical institution that provided services to the public, thus cornering the market so to speak. Although there are quite a few Guild Halls throughout Tamriel, the Mages Guild headquarters is the Arcane University that is located within the Imperial City.

In the Arcane University, the leaders dictate the future of the organization which consist of an Arch-Mage and Council of Mages. The current Arch-Mage is Hannibal Traven who managed to become the Arch-Mage because of his very tough position on necromancy. After being elected, he imposed restrictions against necromancy and make it far more difficult for individuals to join the Mages Guild.


Joining the Mages Guild can be tougher than most of the other Guilds, quite simply because you are required to fulfill a quest in order to achieve full access. To join, you’ll first need to talk to any of the Guild Magisters in any of the Guild Halls. They will grant you member status which will allow you to purchase magical goods and items at a significantly lower rate.

In order to get into the Mages Guild headquarters though, you’ll have to complete a couple of quests. Make your way to each Guild Hall and talk to each Guild Magister there. You’ll be given different quests to fulfill by each one. Complete each of these, and when you’re done, head over to the Arcane University in the Imperial City. All you have to do is speak with Raminus Polus and you’ll be given the “Apprentice” ranking along with full access to the Arcane University.


The Arcane University

Once you have become a member and gained entry to the Arcane University, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits associated with the Mages Guild. First, you’ll be allowed to take any of the items, goods, or otherwise that are located within any of the Guild Halls without facing consequences.

Second, you’ll increase your Disposition with the Mages Guild and all members as soon as you join as well as with every advancement. For those who practice alchemy, resources will be available at a significantly reduced price. In the Arcane University you’ll be able to create custom items and enchantments.

Lastly, all plants that are growing in the Arcane University’s garden will be yours for the taking, which again, is beneficial for alchemists.


It’s interesting to note that there are not nearly as many restrictions as those in other Guilds. One big one that you need to be aware of is that the identified benefits above will only be accessible as you complete the quest series provided by the Mages Guild. Don’t expect to be able to enjoy them all until you’ve finished the entire quest line. Also, you can be suspended from the Mages Guild if you steal or attack another member. If this occurs, you’ll be required to complete a few quests provided by Rominus Polus to renew your access.

A Magical Place

The Mages Guild is certainly the perfect Guild to be involved with if you happen to be a magical or mystical character of sorts. The benefits will make it far easier to play, and now that you know how the membership works, you can go ahead and join.

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