Oblivion Walkthrough: Thieves Guild

Oblivion Walkthrough: Thieves Guild
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The Organization

The Thieves Guild is far different than most other Guilds, but regardless, it’s a viable option for those players who play characters that are often called criminals. The Guild itself doesn’t have any established or permanent Guild Halls, but the members often meet in Inns or Tradehouses. Members are professional thieves, robbers, or smugglers and the organization only offers quests based on how much a player has developed his or her character as a thief. As such, quests are offered at different intervals of how much a player has stolen and sold to a Fence.


Gaining membership to the Thieves Guild is a little more tricky than other Guilds. In order to do so, you must find the Guild itself. This can be accomplished in one of three different ways.

First, you can increase your Bounty by stealing and purposely get caught by guards. If you do this, you’ll be thrown in jail and after being released approached by a Thieves Guild representative. This representative will tell you about a meeting at the Garden of Dareloth in the Waterfront District, which is where you’ll find the Thieves Guild and be permitted to join.

Thieves Guild Wanted Poster

Secondly, you could just read one of the Wanted posters that are all around the Imperial City. By doing this, residents within the Imperial City will talk to you about the Thieves Guild and direct you to the beggars throughout the streets. These beggars will reveal information about the meeting once you talk to them.

Finally, the last method is to talk to Argonian in Bravil. If you opt for this method, ensure you select the “Gosh. Thieves Guild? What’s That?” option when prompted or else you will not receive the information about the Thieves Guild and its upcoming meeting.


Of course, there are a bunch of advantages that you’ll get to experience once you’ve joined the Thieves Guild. The main benefit is the fact that you’ll be given access to Armand Christophe and S’Krivva. These two individuals are Doyens that you can acquire quests from, which will advance your personal ranking within the Thieves Guild.

They will also let you get rid of Bounty without losing the items you have stolen. This is a great benefit because you can avoid getting thrown in jail and still make money from the items you’ve worked so hard to steal. You’ll also be able to use Fences, which are merchants that take stolen items. Regular merchants commonly won’t let you sell the goods you steal from others, so having a Fence will let you do that.


Although the Thieves Guild has a fair amount of benefits for criminal players, there are some restrictions you need to bear in mind at all times. First, you are not allowed to attack or steal items from the individuals within the Waterfront District. If you do, you’ll face punishment from the Guild and potential expulsion.

Second, when completing quests assigned to you by Doyens, don’t kill any players or computer creatures. If you do, you won’t be able to finish the quest and again you’ll face punishments. Lastly, when you join the Thieves Guild and complete any quests assigned to you, your Infamy will increase. This, of course, causes other players and factions to like you less and can lead to conflict.

Now, Sneakily Join Them

Now that you’re all up-to-date about the benefits and limitations, as well as how joining the Guild occurs, you can go ahead and join the Thieves Guild. If you’re playing a character that’s meant to steal and commit crimes, it’ll be the perfect faction for you.

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