How to Beat ZomBotany

How to Beat ZomBotany
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An Introduction on How to Beat ZomBotany

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PopCap’s popular game, Plants vs. Zombies, consists of several parts. Adventure Mode takes a player through five grueling levels of challenges, and one of the levels unlocks Mini-Games. Mini-games are individual boards that challenge players to think beyond Adventure Mode and use their plants in creative ways. Beating Adventure Mode awards the player a silver sunflower trophy, but beating all the Mini-Games rewards players with the coveted gold sunflower trophy.

ZomBotany: The Challenge

So you want to know how to beat ZomBotany? ZomBotany is the first mini-game, and players face zombies that also have the power of plants. The two plant-like zombies that appear in the game are a pea-shooter zombie and a Wall-nut-headed zombie. The peashooter zombie will shoot peas while the zombies walk towards the plant, and they will also eat any plants that stand in the way. They just get to do damage long before other zombies are able to do so. The Wall-nut-headed zombies can withstand a great deal more damage than regular zombies. They take as much damage as a Wall-nut and can eat plants like a zombie. The combination can be quite challenging to players.

ZomBotany: Choose Your Plants

ZomBotany can be beaten using very low leveled plants. You must have the Wall-nut before having a real chance of beating this board because Wall-nuts can absorb the damage of the peashooter zombies, giving your plants a chance to fight back. This guide recommends the following plants at a minimum: Sun Flower, Potato Mine, Wall-nut, Squash, Peashooter, Snow Pea, and Spikeweed. Spikeweed is not required, but it can be very helpful.

ZomBotany: Getting Started

ZomBotony Zombie

Start by purchasing 3 usees of the rake from Crazy Dave. Start planting sunflowers in this row, and collect all the suns as quickly as possible. Plant three suns in that row behind the rake, and let the rake destroy the first zombie that attacks that row. If a zombie shows up in a different row, simply place a potato mine in column 1 and let the zombie walk all the way to the end of the lawn. The potato mine will arm itself in plenty of time. At this point, you should be able to afford your first Wall-nut. Put it down in column 7 where ever you have a row of sunflowers started. Begin arming your rows by putting down peashooters. You may leave one of your rows open and defend it solely with potato mines for a cheap and effective defense. The peashooters will shoot right over the mine giving it plenty of time to arm.

ZomBotany: Building a Real Defense

Keep putting down Wall-nuts in front of your four rows of three sunflowers and planting your peashooters. When all four rows have their preliminary defenses, begin adding Snow Peas to each one in order to slow down all of your attackers. This will allow the Wall-nuts to last much longer. Do not be afraid to use Squashes in emergencies and remember that they will take out multiple zombies at a time. If you get two zombies piled up on one Wall-nut, feel free to place a Squash behind it and watch both zombies get flattened.

ZomBotany: Cleaning Up

Beat Zombotony

Once you get the Snow Peas down in each of the four rows that have a true defense, check and make sure that all your Wall-nuts are in excellent shape. If you have your extra slot, you, hopefully, chose Spikeweed. Put the Spikeweeds in the last two columns on your board. This will force the slowed zombies to take extra damage as they move towards your plants. This is especially important when the Wall-nut zombies begin to attack. They take a lot of damage before going down.

You should have plenty of money now, so go ahead and get the last row set up with a full defense and some more sunflowers. Put Squashes down behind the Wall-nuts if you have money to spare, or save them for emergencies, and put another peashooter in column 6. If you have more slots, you can also use the Chomper to create an excellent defense. All you need to do now is maintain your Wall-nuts. Do not be afraid to use your shovel if you need to do so.

ZomBotany 2: More of the Same

ZomBotany 2 can easily be beaten using the same basic strategy. We recommend the following plants: Sun Flower, Potato Mine, Lily Pad, Wall-nut, Squash, Melonpult, Kernalpult, Strangle Kelp, Cat Tails, and Spikeweed. The Strangle Kelp and Squash can be left off the list if all the slots are not yet unlocked when attempting this mini-game. Again, leave one lawn row undefended with nothing more than Spikeweed and Potato Mines. This will allow you to get your real defenses up at a reduced cost.

ZomBotany Wall-Nut Zombie

Put three sunflowers in each defended row once again, and remember to buy those blocking Wall-nuts early. A Kernalpult can keep the bad zombies away for at least a little while, and placing potato mines at the end of an undefended row gives them plenty of time to arm themselves for a little SPUDOW! Begin placing sunflowers on lily pads as soon as possible. The water rows are easily defended early on by a well-placed strangle kelp. In addition, make sure to start getting those cattails in. They have a long timer between times that they can be planted, so get them down early. They will shoot into any lane when they are not busy, so they will back up your kernalpults until you can afford the melonpults.

Put three cattails in each water row, and they will more than defend all your lanes along with the kernalpults. Get your spikeweeds down in front of the wall-nuts in all the lawn rows, but go ahead and put four spikeweeds in the row you are defending with potato mines. By now, you will have plenty of suns, so you can destroy sunflowers and replace them with melonpults anywhere where you have weaknesses in your defense. Remember to keep a close eye on your Wall-nuts and repair them as necessary. If you want to feel super safe, simply double up on Wall-nuts. Spikeweeds are a better use of your money, though, and they’ll help get those Jalapeno zombies down fast.