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War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition Review

by: D Lamberti ; edited by: Eric Stallsworth ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition is an expensive re-release of an entertaining video game that definitely isn't worth the extra expense. They have made a few interesting changes to the action that make it a different experience, but the changes haven't all made this video game much better.

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition puts you in the place of an admiral 

    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition makes a few changes to the gameplay that improve the experience you remember. The new world map covers half the globe in 40 km hexes that do a good job of breaking up the map into smaller segments. New combat modeling gives you an even greater advantage to the Japanese airpower in the opening parts of the War in the Pacific. This is much more realistic, and indicates some of the problems American pilots had to overcome in their battles against the Japanese. The naval operations are easier to execute because of added waypoints, mid-ocean intercepts, new ship classes and an improved ship upgrade system that is useful and satisfying. They have also added engine versus system damage in this edition, new ship art, and realistic port limits for ships, cargo and repairs on your ships. They actually did a pretty good job of adding useful features and things that improve the gameplay.

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition is a stand alone release for the original video game that will disappoint hardcore gamers who remember the designs of legendary war game designer Gary Grigsby. Henderson Field Designs has tried to improve the experience for both veteran War in the Pacific gamers and new gamers who might want to try this game. Unfortunately, the incremental improvements aren't enough to warrant the hefty price of this title.

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition still has the outstanding graphical presentation as it's first release, but they have still made a few small changes to the visual experience. The new interface, map and menus are beautifully created to be useful and satisfying. The colors are brighter, sharper, and more intense in this title, and this helped improve the visual experience a little. The platforming and background art is still a little ugly for me, but it's detailed and adds a little to the entertainment level of the visual presentation.

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    Soundtrack and Sound Effects

    The soundtrack included with War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition is entertaining and energetic for the most part. There are a few slower songs that appear to be out of place, but the sound track was not changed too much from the original version.

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition has tried to make changes to the gameplay, controls, and overall package that make this video game an even better experience. The improved realism of the economy and industry included in the gameplay improves the historical accuracy and historical balance of the history on which this game is based. The computer-assisted theatre control was taken away in this title, which really slowed down the planning of your campaign. It took me 10 hours to lay my campaign plan out, and tens of hours more to see if all my work was worth it. They did add a scenario editor this time around and it works, allowing you to make modifications to existing scenarios or even lay the foundations for creating your own. The editor works, but it could be better and hopefully they'll improve it a little in the future.

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition does improve the action of this war game, but not nearly enough to warrant an additional $60 to the original price you paid for War in the Pacific. Experienced War in the Pacific veterans should stick to the original game and skip this title. Players who haven't played the original War in the Pacific will enjoy this experience and for them, I definitely recommend War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition.

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    War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition for the PCWar in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition rocks!War in the Pacific: Admiral's Edition is fun