PC Gamers" Battlestations Pacific Review

PC Gamers" Battlestations Pacific Review
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Battlestations Pacific is a strategy game

Battlestations Pacific puts you in the cockpit

The Best Parts (5 out of 5)

Battlestations Pacific takes you back to a violent time

Battlestations Pacific brings back the voice and world of Tokyo Rose and a period of World War II that many Americans still remember in amazing scenes of battle in the air and on the water of the South Pacific. Through destroying enemy carriers, clobbering enemy convoys, taking out enemy island defenses to soften them up for the infantry, or hunting down the Yamamoto and sending her to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Battlestations Pacific puts you right in the action.

Eidos Hungry included an entertaining variety of modes for you to play, including both an Allied and Imperial campaign and a well thought out skirmish mode with five inventive and engaging game types for you to try with the maps included.

The Worst Parts (5 out of 5)

Battlestations Pacific might have been the best of the best if the developers had managed to think of something inventive and entertaining to add to the experience. They have improved everything as expected; now they just need to take it to the next level to be one of the best strategy games for the PC.

The Graphical Picture (4 out of 5)

The graphical presentation of Battlestations Pacific is amazing, with artfully designed cut scenes that put you at the helm of a battleship, aircraft carrier, submarine, or torpedo boat. You can man over 50 different types of war machines or operate a flak gun for the duration of the war, the choice is yours. The visual look of this WW II playground is extremely detailed, bright, and everything is easily distinguished in the dynamic environments. The visual effects sparkle, with amazing midair explosions, spectacular water columns, wind blown smoke, and picturesque terrain which carry the same visual explosiveness as Heroes of the Pacific.

Sounds in the Game (4 out of 5)

Battlestations Pacific includes a wonderful sound track that rises and falls in time with the on screen action and enhances the entertainment level of this game as you play. Orchestrated classical tunes combined with soft rock and pop that helps to immerse your senses in the action the way the music should.

The sounds of battle in Battlestations Pacific will make you jump the first time you hear it. The sound of ship exploding before it falls beneath the waves or a plane exploding in midair is very startling.

The Story Line (5 out of 5)

The story line included with Battlestations Pacific is contained in the two campaigns that are included with the game. The Allied campaign picks up the adventure where Midway left off, after Iwo Jima, while the Imperial Campaign begins in the air above a sleepy Hawaiian port called Pearl Harbor. Both campaigns stay pretty close to the historical facts as recorded at the time, and while some may say the facts have been bruised a bit by games like Battlestations Pacific, that’s a matter of interpretation.

Playability (4 out of 5)

Battlestations Pacific is a very playable game that includes a number of engaging, satisfying, and entertaining modes to play beyond the two included campaigns. Instead of the challenge missions that were included with Midway, Eidos Hungary included a fun and well thought out skirmish mode that’s the princess of the ball. The game types included in the skirmish mode are all fun and entertaining to play and add some variety to the game play. Escort is an engaging experience that puts you in the seat of a fighter protecting or destroying a fleeing freighter convoy. Competitive is a perverted kind of co-op that has you and competitors trying to see who can destroy the most. Siege is a classic attack/defend scenario where you are given a set number of build points with which to replenish your forces and the winner is the one left after everything is exhausted. While Island Capture, the one I played the most, which has you grabbing islands in order to gain resource generating supply points and jump off points for new attacks, was the most entertaining part of the single player experience. Gamers For Windows Live-enabled multiplayer was the gem in this area, you and friends can play any of the skirmish modes together.

The Final Word (4 out of 5)

Battlestations Pacific will have on line gamers buzzing about this game by the time this review hits the Internet and sharing the news with online strategy gamers that Battlestations Pacific is an online strategy game they can share with their more casual gaming friends.