Lost Empire: Immortals Game Review

Lost Empire: Immortals Game Review
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Lost Empire: Immortals is a space-set strategy (4X) game that lets you take your pick from among 6 playable races - each and all desiring to emerge the toughest and most powerful among all the other races. (Then again what race isn’t trying to do that?) You’ll be able to research a vast selection of technologies and use a lot sci-fi stuff to help you emerge as the top gun in this space empire. You will also use various diplomats, space engineers and whole lot other characters. Basically, you’ll be building trade routes, discovering new tech, and managing a Space Empire. Think of it as Tradewinds with a sci-fi twist: pretty cool graphics, and solid gameplay.

Paradox’s background for the conflict is an immortal group called the Aeons having granted technology to the game’s races. Eons later, six major races begin their re-exploration of the galaxy. Its a race for glory and prestrige. Who will emerge dominant?

Gameplay (3 out of 5)

Even as a turn based strategy game, it’s actually somewhat slower than what I’d expect it to be. There are times when it requires your quick reflexes but that’s not always the case. All in all, the game moves pretty slowly - more than you’d want, in fact.

Granted the plot isn’t new - empires racing against each other to gain dominion over all is a tried and tested gaming scenario. It’s a long game, trust me it’s a very very long game. It’s going to be tiring and after a while it will lose it’s appeal unless you’ve managed to conquer enough areas that you soon lose track of time. The number of Star Systems is huge, but don’t be too impressed by the massiveness of the game, as it is pretty repetitive after a while.

All things considered, it averages out, and if you love 4X games: go ahead. The learning curve is pretty shallow, with those new to the genre taking about an hour to get a handle of things, while the extreme fans will find the controls they want right away. It’s pretty basic and the interaces are spaced out well enough to understand easily. Hence the averageness of it. It doesn’t suck, but it doesn’t blow your mind either. For me though, I’d rather play something else.

Graphics and Sound (4 out of 5)

Have to say about the graphics: Wow. I loved the space effect of the game. The brilliant display of universes and galaxies is really well done. Its very colorful and more lively than most space game I’ve played. The graphics used for creating Lost Empire were apt and well picked. Although there will be times when your eyes get a little sore from poring over too many stars and planets, but then again, that’s actually something good instead of being a deterrent when it comes to being addicted to a game.

Sound wise, there’s really nothing to say about it. Ambient music is ok, the effects are standard space sounds and everything else applies. It follows the same spacey theme, of course, and there are really no other effects you need.

Overall (3 out of 5)

Averaging it all out, Lost Empire, Immortals isn’t really a bad game. There are some high points to it and a certain degree of novelty that will entice a lot of players. But take that away, and the game doesn’t have enough substance or pull to keep a player coming back for more. It is a game good for one run through but you probably wont bother repeating the experience, despite the chance to play as another race. You can play it if you want, you won’t be disappointed with it if you’re looking for a space set, turn based, strategy game, but don’t expect it to hold your attention after completing the game once.