King's Bounty: The Legend Ultimate PC Cheat Codes & Tips

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The King’s Bounty: Legend PC game takes players into a mystical kingdom which has been seiged by ruthless tyrants. As you journey through a vast world on horseback you have to battle hideous monsters, reclaim treasures, and defeat the evil controlling the land. This fantasy-based game can be difficult at times. Below are a handful of cheat codes and tips to assist you in your King’s Bounty quest.

King’s Bounty: Legend PC Game Cheat Codes

Players can input their desired cheat code while in Adventure Mode of King’s Bounty. Simply Hold the [Shift] + ~ keys to prompt a window in the center of the screen. Once it appears type the desired code listed below and hit [Enter] to switch on the function into the game. For specific increases after the code word input the amount in number form to be added.

Game Function - Cheat Code

Increase Gold Levels – money [number]

Up Leadership Rank – leadership [number]

Double Your Troops – doublearmy [1-5] (Note: If you do not select a number 1-5 the game will simply double all of your troops.)

Refill Mana – mana or mana [number]

Rage – rage or rage [number]

Unlock Spells – magicbook

Rename Your Hero – name

Remove Wife & Children – clearwife

Upgrade Your Spirit Level – spirit [1-30] (Note: 30 is the highest spirit level.)

Upgrade Level Experience – levelup [number]

Conjure Up Your Boat – boat (Note: Only works if you’ve purchased one prior entering the code.)

Crystals – crystal [number]

Rune – rune [number]

King’s Bounty: Legend PC Game Tips

While playing King’s Bounty: The Legend PC game players might find themselves stuck in certain areas or situations. Whether you’re on a quest to aid a dwarf or journey to the underearth sea knowing exactly what to look for is essential. It’s a huge game filled with deep forests, villages, various mines, large beaches, seas, and castles. The following tips below are based on the most common problems players may run into during gameplay. These tips will help you sail through King’s Bounty with no problem.

To return to the king from Islands of Freedom locate the fisherman on the beach south of Castle Tripol. Initiate chat and request to go back. He’ll transport you.

Travelling to Kodar from Crieston Mine can be tricky. Look for a wooden platform in the left region of the castle area. It operates as an elevator when you step on it. Once it takes you up just follow the rest of the passage way. It will lead you to Kodar.

When looking for the underearth sea portal turn right directly after exiting the elevator. Move up following the winding path to the portal.

Lucky James mine can be located on the island with Redbeard’s house. Once you’ve found his home go to the right and follow that passage way. It should lead you to the mine with a guard standing watch.

To defeat the giant turtle use ranged units and try to attack his head or legs. The turtle and other major ‘bosses’ are not affected by spells.