World in Conflict Tips - Winning Your Battles Are Often Good Enough

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World in Conflict is a popular strategy game that features dynamic combat and requires strong teamwork with various AIs to win the game. It’s a little challenging for people new to the strategy genre though, so I thought I’d give some advice.

Honor Your Objectives

This is a somewhat unique strategy game in that you are usually a small part of a larger mission. That means that you really need to stay true to your objectives. Your allies may be getting destroyed at another part of the map. That is not your problem. World in Conflict demands that you stay on task. You do not have the manpower to fight the whole battle.

This also means doing the secondary objectives as they pop up. You will almost always receive new units or more tactical aid as a reward for completing a fairly simple objective.

Trust the AI

This follows pretty naturally of the above tip. The AI in this game is actually pretty good. Your allies on the battlefield will generally fulfill their objectives competently. You need to just let them do their job and conserve your forces. In a significant portion of the game, they will be much better equipped to handle the threats thrown against them. So stick to your side of the battlefield unless directed otherwise.

Know Your Tanks

You need to know the dynamics of your forces. Tanks will play a big part in the game. They are some of the most versatile units out there, but they aren’t invincible. Your light tanks in particular will be quite vulnerable. Just going against a series of other light tanks will usually cause a lot of damage to your light tank group.

For the tougher fights, you will want to lean toward forces of only heavy and medium tanks. There isn’t any real advantage to going with the light tanks if alternatives are available. The slight boost in speed just isn’t worth the loss in armor. Keep them in a tight formation and bulldoze a path through the field

Don’t Forget Your Infantry

Actually, forget the riflemen. They really aren’t worth anything for most missions. They just aren’t strong enough and they don’t do enough damage. Anti-tank infantry are incredibly effect at base defense though. A group of anti-tank soldiers positioned inside of a building or in the cover of the woods can be very effective against most vehicles. You can also replace losses in the battalion with the click of a button.

Snipers also have the ability to absolutely destroy incoming infantry, but they have no chance of fighting in the open. Remember to keep them inside buildings or moving through the forest

Understand Your Helicopters

Helicopters aren’t the roving machines of death that they usually are in strategy games. The majority of the units in the game can hit them with small arms fire and wear away at their health. Remember to use them properly for hit and run attacks. Their main ability is to wipe out an enemy column as it moves to attack you. In multiplayer, this will always be a good tactic. At best it will crush their attacks. At worst, it will force them to waste points on anti-aircraft vehicles to accompany all their attacks.

Always Reinforce

Last but not least, remember to reinforce whenever you can. There’s no reason to not buy that unit when you need it. Keeping a steady flow of reinforcements close to the fight is crucial to winning.