American Conquest: Divided Nation Game Cheats

Introduction to American Conquest: Dividied Nation

American Conquest Divided Nation cover

American Conquest: Divided Nation is a really entertaining and addicting game that will keep you up late into the night playing. The game can be quite difficult and challenging, which isn’t uncommon in a battle ready RTS veteran of popular RTS titles, like Cossacks, Blitzkrieg, and Rome: Total War. The historical detail designed into the armies, armor, and weapons of the era are first rate and really interesting, and this even extends into the rates of fire and other aspects of the weapons used in the game.

The secret codes, hints and tips in this article will help you play this time consuming and extremely challenging RTS game to your full ability and make conquering this title a lot more fun. All the codes were verified on a Vista Home Premium computer system and are case sensitive. Have fun!

The Secret Codes

These American Conquest: Divided Nation game cheats are for the American version of American Conquest: Divided Nation. To access these secret codes to the game, press Enter while playing the game and then you can enter the following codes to get the associated bonus. The following codes work for the single player campaign mode.

  • money — this code provides you with an extra 5,000 of each resource for your campaign. This is similar to the Sims 3 money cheat.
  • supervisor — this code will remove the fog of war from the screen.
  • qwe — this code gives you the whole map to control your enemy with.

The following codes will work for the European version of American Conquest: Divided Nation, and can be activated by pressing Enter and then the code for the bonus you want. These codes work for the single player campaign mode.

  • viewall — remove the fog of war from the screen.
  • VICTORY — skip this level.
  • changeunit — make unlimited soldiers.
  • babki — this provides your campaign with 5,000 additional resources of each type.

Hints and tips

Here are a few hints and tips to help you while playing American Conquest: Divided Nation:

When you first start the game, put the speed of the game on the lowest setting and the speed scale on about 75 percent to keep the speed of the game to a level a beginner can handle. This will make it much easier to get things you need done in a timely fashion.

Before trying the difficult campaign mode, give the skirmish mode a try. The skirmish mode allows you to learn the gameplay, mechanisms and management systems much easier than the campaign mode will.

Put the difficulty level on the easiest setting when first playing the game, this will move the difficulty down a little and make it easy enough to be fun if you're new to RTS games.