Kerrigan Starcraft: The History of Sarah Kerrigan

Kerrigan Starcraft: The History of Sarah Kerrigan
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The Queen of Blades – Starcraft’s Baddest Babe

Sarah Kerrigan, also known as the Queen of Blades, is a classic character and arguably among the best female characters ever in video gaming. She is an exaggerated dominatrix, a woman that has the power to dominate entire worlds. Her power, not to mention her shapes, makes her alluring – but she is also terrifying and immoral.

If you have not played through the original Starcraft you may be wondering about Karrigan’s origins. I’ll take you through a history of her life before and after becoming the Queen of Blades.

Sarah Kerrigan

The Queen of Blades was once known only as Sarah Kerrigan. She caught the attention of the Confederate military when she accidentally killed her mother and injured her father through the use of her natural psychic talents. The Confederacy took her into their Ghost program and began to train her for the life of a special operative.

Sarah’s psychic talents proved to be of incredible power. This did not result in Sarah obtaining special training, however – instead she was subjected to torturous experiments and was ultimately given a neural implant limiting her power, as the Confederacy deemed her too dangerous to leave uninhibited. Despite this, Kerrigan left her training to become the Confederacy’s most deadly ghost. She was personally responsible for the assassination of Angus Mensk, father of Arcturus Mengsk, leader of the Dominion in Starcraft 2.

Kerrigan Starcraft

Arcturus declared a personal vendetta against the Confederacy and began a search for Kerrigan, who was now involved with xenomorph experiments. Arcturus eventually found Kerrigan, who was at the time rendered helpless by Confederate scientists as part of the experiments. However, rather than kill Kerrigan, Arcturus decided to recruit her and turn her against the Confederacy. He succeeded, and Kerrigan became an active rebel against the Confederacy.

World by world Arcturus found success in his fight against the Confederacy. The battles eventually lead to Tarsonis, the Confederate homeworld. At this point Arcturus unleashed a terrible plan. He ordered his troops to plant Psi Emitter devices on Tarsonis, which attracted the Zerg hoard. The Protoss also arrived to purge the Zerg. Arcturus ordered Kerrigan to the planet as part of the effort to depend the Psi Emitters but then abandoned her, leaving her to be captured by the Zerg. This also proved to be the last straw for Jim Raynor, who refused to continue fighting for Arcturus.

The Infestation

Arcturus and Jim Raynor both assumed that Kerrigan’s abandonment would result in her death. They were wrong. The Zerg Overmind sensed Kerrigan’s incredible powers and began to mold her into a Zerg general of great power. Jim Raynor, having received word that Kerrigan may still be alive, made a rescue attempt. He arrived only in time to see Kerrigan emerge from the cocoon the Overmind has created for her transformation. Raynor was allowed to leave.

This was far from their last encounter, however. Kerrigan undertook a series of actions against the Protoss, who were assisted by Jim Raynor. Although initially successful, Kerrigan’s forces were eventually destroyed and Kerrigan was forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Protoss forces on Aiur, lead by the hero Tassadar, were able to kill the Overmind.

The Queen of Blades

Starcraft Kerrigan

With the Overmind dead the Zerg no longer had a single entity in control of the hoard. This presented an opportunity to Kerrigan, who now had the ability to act on her own free will. Rather than seeking the birth of a new Overmind, who would re-take control of her upon its completion, Kerrigan began a campaign to destroy the new Overmind. She was opposed by several cerebrates, Zerg leaders who normally worked under the Overmind.

Kerrigan reached out to all potential allies in her mission to destroy the new Overmind. The bulk of the Protoss forces rebuked her offer, but Jim Raynor and his allies agreed to help Kerrigan. Arcturus also agreed to assist, but only under concercian, as Kerrigan had managed to capture Arcturus. Kerrigan even managed to enlist Protoss forces under Zeratul when she captured a Dark Templar leader and ransomed her in exchange for Protoss assistance.

The result of the battle between Kerrigan’s allied forces and the new Overmind’s defenders was decisive. The new Overmind was killed before it was fully formed, and the remaining cerebrates were also slain or brought under Kerrigan’s control. This destroyed all remaining remnants of the old Zerg hive-mind. Victorious, Kerrigan declared herself the “queen bitch of the universe.”

Despite this declaration, Kerrigan’s forces only attacked and destroyed Terran forces under the UED banner. The forces of Jim Raynor, Arcturus and Zeratul were left largely unscathed.


The Queen of Blades

This largely concludes Kerrigan’s history. At the beginning of Starcraft 2 her forces have been outside of the vision of the Terran unvierse at large, and Jim Raynor hasn’t encountered her for some time. I will not spoil the plot of the new game, but rest assured that she continues to be a central character. She will almost certainly be the focal point of the Zerg campaign when it is released, as well.